October 2



A historic act… with you!

This Saturday, 2/10, is full of historical meaning. It is the birth day of Mahatma Gandhi, 152 years ago. Leader of active non-violence, of “politics with truth”. The “half-naked fakir” who helped defeat the British Empire.

October 1930 is the eve of the so-called Revolution of 91 in Brazil, which 68 years ago began to weaken the oligarchic power – which persists. Also on the eve of the creation of Petrobras, XNUMX years ago. By the way, how are our sovereignty and our energy matrices?

October 4 precedes the day of St. Francis of Assisi (10/XNUMX), precursor of integral ecology. How are our environmental care going in this country with such rich biodiversity?

The 1988nd of October already sees the date of promulgation of the 3 Citizen's Constitution, in 33 days. Our XNUMX-year-old Constitution is still so disrespected…

October XNUMXnd, here and now, TODAY, is the day to be on the streets for ethical politics (see, Ms. Michelle of influence peddling at Caixa and the family of mansions and bribery?), for the democratization of power (shoo, oligarchies! ), for national sovereignty, for new energy matrices, for respect for our biomes (against the environmental devastation of logging companies and irresponsible agriculture, okay, Salles and co?), for vaccine in the arm and food on the plate (vade retro, inflation and hunger!), in defense of the Constitution and broad paths to make a nation out of this shame.

In short, #2OutPeloImpeachment is #ForaBolsonaro day! Several friends and I are already getting ready for the big meeting (in Rio, Candelária, 10 am [S.Paulo, from 13 pm, at MASP]). And you? Be the subject of History, without omission: it is in our hands!

* Chico Alencar He is a professor, writer and councilor at the City Council of Rio de Janeiro.

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