October 30

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The choice of our lives requires total engagement

Keeping the proportions and the distinct ideological signs, the Bolsonarist-root social base today has the “militant impetus” that PTism had in the 1980s. weakened Military Regime that converged to the Diretas-Já and the Constituent Assembly created an innovative, powerful and mobilizing speech. It was militated for ideals, not for votes. This led many people to assume politics as a militant abnegation. Our speech carried hope with the end of the dictatorship (future). Petismo had sweeping morals.

The arrival of the PT to power, creating the logic of governance and then the monthly allowance and Lava Jato crises, with the criminalization of the PT, eroded our morale. The chemistry of anti-PTism was woven. We got old, there was little generational renewal.

In the meantime, the extreme right emerged capturing the bases of the right with a moralistic, retrograde and denialist discourse against “communism” (any idea of ​​social justice). In essence, authoritarian. It coincided with the rise of the extreme right in the world, and this brought motivation and engagement to Bolsonarism. In their neo-fascist perspective, they felt able to destroy the values ​​of the left/progressive. They feel they can defeat us electorally, and also annihilate our survival as a relevant political force. That's what excites them and engages millions on a massive scale. For them, it is at stake what kind of country Brazil will be in the next (future) period.

On our side, we fell into a reactive and defensive posture. We live off “our legacy” of (past) government. What society do we want? We don't have an ideal. We depend on Lula's personal strength to save democracy. Today, we lack an engaging project like that of the PT in the 1980s. Many are full of fear, accommodated and tied to opinion polls.

We lack coherence and greater consequence when we say that this is the “choice of our lives”. We act as voters, not as militants for a greater cause. Although it fulfills an important function, it is not enough to stay connected to whatsapp bubbles. I observe a lot of people in virtual groups with analyzes and debates, but little practical action on the streets. They are always the same while the Bolsonarist troop in the thousands wear yellow green, adhesive the car, pressure their employees and intimidate us.

We need to enter the Lula campaign by the millions every day all the time. If we don't have an ideal project, let's assert resistance to neo-fascism with collective force. Talking to people, going to activities, turning votes. Denounce and face the enemy. Understanding that it's not just voting and going home anymore. We have to win elections by turning votes, supporting our voters. Then comes the battle for ownership.

It will be more difficult to govern in the current unequal correlation of forces. If we win, we will suffer fierce opposition, boycotts and sabotage. It won't be easy, and without popular mobilization nothing will happen with conservative alliances. Our electoral victory will be the beginning of a new hard and tense period. We are all called to act under Lula's leadership. But we need to win the elections. That means engaging, occupying territory and showing our strength in street activities and with our red and white look on Election Day.

If each one turns votes, keeps votes and acts without fear, our electorate will feel support and confidence. To the fight, comrades!!! Together we will win!!!

*Gilberto Neves He is a lawyer and a teacher. Former councilor and former Municipal Secretary of Culture of Uberlândia.

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