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Thanks to your reception, the site the earth is round has been successful beyond expectations. The increase in the audience, accompanied by the necessary expansion of collaborations, brought a series of demands concerning the maintenance of the site's standard that from now on require the continuous contribution of financial resources.

We have fixed expenses related to software, domain registration payments, hosting, SSL security, backup system, etc. In addition to these expenses, we have expenses with translation, typing and transcription of texts. To keep interested readers informed, we hired mailer, which publishes the daily posting of articles via email, and we have paid boosts on social networks.

The accumulation of tasks has been showing itself every day above the work capacity – which is and will continue to be voluntary – of the team responsible for the site. It is necessary to hire a person who is in charge of capturing, selecting and preparing images, as well as managing communication and social networks. And another dedicated to capturing, translating, transcribing, preparing, revising and formatting articles.

We have decided not to accept Google's advertising offers, especially since we have no control over the choice of advertisers. We plan to seek to survive with donations from readers.

To make this format viable, we had to open and register a non-profit company (with the expenses arising from this endeavor). Only then were we able to hire the Vindi payments platform, a company of recognized respectability and security, and that provides services to sites in the progressive field.

It is our purpose to make a quarterly account of revenues and expenses to be presented to employees. Financial contributions (in amounts to be chosen by the donor) can be made in the form of a monthly fee or a sporadic contribution.

You can make a donation on the home page, where you will find the links just below the main banner, or, if you prefer, you can go straight to the most appropriate option from here: donation monthly ou sporadic.

José Ricardo Maciel Kobayaski
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  • About artificial ignoranceEugenio Bucci 15/06/2024 By EUGÊNIO BUCCI: Today, ignorance is not an uninhabited house, devoid of ideas, but a building full of disjointed nonsense, a goo of heavy density that occupies every space
  • Franz Kafka, libertarian spiritFranz Kafka, libertarian spirit 13/06/2024 By MICHAEL LÖWY: Notes on the occasion of the centenary of the death of the Czech writer
  • The society of dead historyclassroom similar to the one in usp history 16/06/2024 By ANTONIO SIMPLICIO DE ALMEIDA NETO: The subject of history was inserted into a generic area called Applied Human and Social Sciences and, finally, disappeared into the curricular drain
  • A look at the 2024 federal strikelula haddad 20/06/2024 By IAEL DE SOUZA: A few months into government, Lula's electoral fraud was proven, accompanied by his “faithful henchman”, the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad
  • Letter to the presidentSquid 59mk,g 18/06/2024 By FRANCISCO ALVES, JOÃO DOS REIS SILVA JÚNIOR & VALDEMAR SGUISSARDI: “We completely agree with Your Excellency. when he states and reaffirms that 'Education is an investment, not an expense'”
  • Strengthen PROIFESclassroom 54mf 15/06/2024 By GIL VICENTE REIS DE FIGUEIREDO: The attempt to cancel PROIFES and, at the same time, turn a blind eye to the errors of ANDES management is a disservice to the construction of a new representation scenario
  • PEC-65: independence or patrimonialism in the Central Bank?Campos Neto Trojan Horse 17/06/2024 By PEDRO PAULO ZAHLUTH BASTOS: What Roberto Campos Neto proposes is the constitutional amendment of free lunch for the future elite of the Central Bank
  • Chico Buarque, 80 years oldchico 19/06/2024 By ROGÉRIO RUFINO DE OLIVEIRA: The class struggle, universal, is particularized in the refinement of constructive intention, in the tone of proletarian proparoxytones
  • Why are we on strike?statue 50g 20/06/2024 By SERGIO STOCO: We have reached a situation of shortage of federal educational institutions
  • The strike at federal Universities and Institutescorridor glazing 01/06/2024 By ROBERTO LEHER: The government disconnects from its effective social base by removing those who fought against Jair Bolsonaro from the political table