September 7 – addiction and death



Capitol rides again; let us remember that Trump, the idol of the “pockets”, trumped himself

The “Uh, freaking out?”

The painter Pedro Américo (1843-1905), from Paraíba who spent most of his life in Florence (Italy), never imagined that his historical-romantic painting, “O Grito do Ipiranga”, would be the target of an attempt at “incarnation” by part of a President of the Republic in the XNUMXst century.

Presented in 1888, after three years of elaboration, the “colossal” canvas, measuring 7,6 by 4,15 m, idealizes the act of breaking with Portugal, making it a much grander episode than it was. On September 7, 1895, it was opened to the public at the Museu Paulista.

Bolsonaro must have seen the illustration in some textbook, and went into a self-proclaimed "Emperor". In fact, there are those who guarantee that he has had this absolutist delusion for three years or more…

That September 7, 2021 intends to be at the center of the portrait. His cry will be, as he boasts, an “ultimatum” against those who “limit his powers”. Ultimatum which is an “I kill you” for those who contest the autocrat, heir to the monarchical authoritarianism of D. Pedro I. Dependency (continued) and death.

As in Pedro Américo's painting, Bolsonaro always wants to be surrounded by imposing soldiers and subservient civilians. He wants to draw his sword – rusty – and hear an “I authorize” to assume full powers, contrary to the Constitution. He loves to ride, a la Mussolini, a fiery horse, a real symbol of warrior strength (in the painting, another “pictorial license” by Américo, since, at the time, on long trips, such as the one the Prince Regent made with his entourage to São Paulo , only donkeys, mules and donkeys were used, which were more resistant…)

The work of art that the captain of the Bolsobelievers wants to stage – as a farce – contains realistic details, however. In the famous painting, the people are on the sidelines: a shirtless worker, driving an oxcart with logs of wood (inaugural deforestation?), looks in astonishment at what does not concern him. There is also an observer mounted on a horse and a black worker who leaves, carrying his baskets, with his back to a “cry” that was neither resounding nor abolished slavery.

This is how our Brazil continues, with a government alien to pain, exclusion, and the rights of the majority. The complicit silence in the face of 584 families bereaved by Covid, the delay and attempts at corruption in the purchase of vaccines, the galloping inflation. The dwindling Ipiranga stream, at the bottom of the screen, wetting the hind legs of the animals in the foreground, seems to foreshadow the water crisis…

Tomorrow, a neo-fascist parade will bray about armament, “printed vote”, “ministers' framing”, arrest of communists and other slogans out of place, stupid, deviant from reality. Fundamentalist speeches, and even a letter from the pathetic prisoner Roberto Jefferson, will incite attacks on the buildings of Congress and the STF. Perhaps some police officers who will be there to protect public goods turn a blind eye.

They may reach that point, but they will not be able to sustain themselves, internally and internationally, as early as the 8th.

Far from the obscurantist tinctures of this backward and shameful “Dependency and death”, Brazilian citizens will carry out acts in defense of democracy and the Constitution. It is the 27th edition of the Cry of the Excluded: Independence and life!

Chico Alencar He is a professor, writer and councilor at the City Council of Rio de Janeiro.


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