Europe's agony

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Europeans, when they disembarked in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania, did not have entry visas

The truth of the Christian white European has always been his gift of deception, militarily dominating the world while catechizing the natives in a hypocritical and cynical way. European naturally includes those who crossed the Atlantic, mainly towards the United States, Argentina and Brazil. With the Industrial Revolution, Europeans, who had already “discovered” the Americas and promoted the compulsory immigration of Africans, became the masters of the world.

In addition to subjecting India to the British Company, China through the opium wars and Japan through North American initiative, Europeans colonized Southeast Asia and Oceania and arbitrarily divided Africa and the Middle East into countries with the help of rulers and squares. These 300 years of hegemony and the current chronic decline of Europe were the subject of article by José Luís Fiori, published on the website the earth is round.

Only the Russian Empire, which extended to the ends of Asia, having defeated Napoleon, managed to remain intact, being later replaced by the Soviet Union – USSR. With the imminent dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, NATO and the USSR agreed to keep the members of the Warsaw Pact neutral. However, all former members of the Warsaw Pact were incorporated into NATO because, according to NATO, the agreement was signed with the USSR, dissolved in 1991. It was then agreed between NATO and Russia that Belarus and Ukraine would constitute the new neutral region... and the clash continues in the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Europeans, when they disembarked in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania, did not carry entry visas. Much worse than that, they arrived like savages, without respecting the rules and local culture, to civilize the natives. In the name of God, they exterminated and subjected these people, catechizing them to save their souls. To enter colonial countries, however, these natives must carry entry visas, enter illegally and submit to European culture. And, unlike the legislation in force in the countries of the Americas, no European country grants automatic citizenship to children of immigrants born on its soil.

England left the European Union, but remains a member of NATO, alongside the United States. Germany may rule the left hemisphere of Continental Europe's brain, but France certainly rules the right hemisphere, France is the heart of Europe. And France still has domains in regions as far away as New Caledonia.

But the Latin heart of the French is broken, with a profusion of left-wing groups demonstrating in favor of immigrants, such as the Solidarity Europe Without Borders and volunteer organizations that get their hands dirty, such as Utopia 56, which confronts the authorities and offers moral, legal and material support to illegal immigrants, including tents for their accommodation. True tent villages line the Seine in the central region of Paris, reserved for the privileged sections of the population.

Amidst the impasse over the path towards a new world order, the participants in this game of interests are all apprehensive about the adventure undertaken by the state of Israel in Palestine and its possible and unpredictable developments.

For white Christian Europe that effectively dominated the world, the Jew was always the other, that half-dozen of Spinoza, Marx, Freud, Einstein and Rothschild that, in the form of projection, Europe wanted to believe it had a project to dominate the world . Now, in Palestine, the Jew is the European at war against the East, a war that lacks strategy, lacks tactics, that is, an adventure that unified the Israelis and spared Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but that no one knows how will end. Are there limits to European hypocrisy and cynicism in the face of the ongoing massacre of the Palestinian people?

*Samuel Kilsztajn is a full professor of political economy at PUC-SP. Author, among other books, of Returnees [].

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