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The supposed president reigns supreme in the sea of ​​planned nothingness. The set of evil, mediocre and nothing is your delirium

When a person or a social group becomes aware of the evil at work in their daily life, they no longer have reason to be astonished, nor to make complaints as if they had credits to receive. There is something new there, which surpasses the possible sameness of everyday life. The consciousness that ceases to be egocentric and gains public status through knowledge of the reality experienced also frees the body to assert itself like that flower of Drummond, born on the asphalt, small but intrepid, resistant and daring, which is already a flower because it made its hole of life in the rigid layer that imprisoned it.

A reading of the works of Agnes Heller and Paulo Freire justifies and guides the praxis suggested by the previous paragraph. The author of this text began to see a better connection between the educator and the philosopher at the world congress of Freireans in Turin, 2014. In front of more than a hundred Freire scholars, Heller reflected on the work of the patron of Brazilian education as a speech- writing of humanism, which, however, does not let go in the humanist direction without assuming the common sense of everyday life, the discourse of the culture of the individual and his community in the lived reality (and not according to any booklet); finally, the change and transformation in Freire's pedagogy move individuals who become subjects through consciousness and then a community that educates and educates itself as an autonomous and liberating movement. A revolutionary process, as shown in Pedagogy of the Oppressed, although only in the manuscript that was in the possession of Chancellor Jaques Chonchol.

More than the work of economic and financial phenomena, future political and electoral confrontations in Brazil will pass through the language of the human being made conscious and through the poetics he creates in the learning process that transforms him. Therefore, the real human condition is the starting point of all education; the unprecedented yet viable humanist construction is the very methodology constructed by the active body and the broad poetics of students and educators;

Faced with a mock government that celebrates the death of humans, fauna and flora, this country will have to position itself in favor of being, to Do not be.

Shakespeare scholars like to say that the poet and playwright grows (also in the amount of reading) in times of crisis and pain. A poet of the detour and the crossroads. Among the cited texts, there is scene 2 of act 5 of the work Antony and Cleopatra. There it reads, in approximate translation: “The clear day of our lives is gone and we are already in darkness”

Darkness also makes up the symbol of repetitive everyday life, less because of the circumstantial lack of sunlight than because of work that alienates, because of the invisibility of affections and projects, because of the break in connections. Then lies the old politics, which is the only thing that has presided over Brazil since 2019.

Regardless of the exchange of a fair and dignified Brazil for a grana that pays creditors and a few plates of food, which the poor and miserable really need, the great evil persists and will get worse, inaugurated as it was on the first of January a year ago. This is far from simply a reactionary government in terms of customs and ultraliberal in terms of economics. In fact, this government is nothing, as it does not exist as a symbolic agreement that creates some values, but rather as an imposture and exploitation of chaos. What values ​​did it create? The government that gave 600 (of our taxes) with one hand, with the other took away rights to decent work, did not avoid expropriations in the pandemic, encouraged contagions by its daily example, prescribed innocuous medicines and shamelessly prioritized weapons and ammunition over books and schools.

There are no ministers, there are no secretaries, there are no people in this government whom citizens can trust; there is evil, causing millions of discomforts and abundant poverty.

In the last few weeks, the huge mistake of those who went into an analytical frenzy of the one who is supposed to be president in Brasilia (both in the press and on TV and on social networks) was due to his momentary success. Was he the author of well-elaborated (albeit harmful) plans, of a policy that was adjusted and used to “go around the opposition” and gain the sympathy of half of Brazilian men and women towards 2022? They even thought he was beginning to have the slightest education in social contact. In vain! The only thing these analysts lack is to join the “Myth” chorus. Let us not be astonished at the procession of sycophants, privileged sailors of nothingness, or anything.

Now, who can perform tasks with such ease, simple as distributing money by dropper to mouths and pockets, if not the nothing juridical, the negative organizational, the organic nothingness and the political nothingness? Or are we mistaken about the fact that a worthy government embodies the state framework of the owner of power, the people! A people that is no longer invisible (while it is contagious outside the bank for hours and days), since alienation and invisibility are the very plan of imposture and “taking advantage”. A people, in short, that had already apprehended the meaning of the State and, as a consequence, became citizens and understood, every day more aware of planning, solidarity and public consultation. The state made citizenship builds policies that, by initially recognizing differences, overcome what enslaved it, that is, inequality. In this awareness movement that generates more awareness, the public agent's work is a representation of the needs and desires of society and communities.

This does not happen here, in a country invaded by profanity, a partner of weapons, violence and threats, where obvious and necessary questions, such as deposits of 89 thousand from Queiroz to the first lady, receive threats and malice from the distorted language as effective responses.

The country has nothing that organically means government, quite the contrary: at a private party in a public space, a moralist appears blaguing about indigenous headdresses; the other, indicted for ecological reasons and, for that very reason, passing cattle of contempt and mockery on the people of the fields, rivers and forests; and that other exercising a high-ranking office that he doesn't know and, therefore, ready to get dirty in history because of some extra pay. Not even forgetting the unfortunate person who doesn't say cookiebefore the prospect of lessened resources for children's education and for research in the major areas of science, arts, humanities and studies applied to social projects. All and all follow, in a unit rarely seen from mediocrity on the beaten track to nothingness as a sense of government.

The supposed president reigns supreme in the sea of ​​planned nothingness. The set of evil, mediocre and nothing is his delirium. When he sees the obviousness of an increasingly poor people, due to the plague and labor relations, he touches the treasury and becomes delirious with his laurels, earnings and numbers. He knows that the old booklet of yellowed notes, dictated for a long time by notorious thugs disguised as anti-Marxists or anti-Communists, is the only script that passes decrees, ordinances, laws and attitudes that deny the essence of the very idea of government. There is no longer any need to talk about democracy, because it would be too much in the framework of nothing. It is about evil itself, about that darkness felt and narrated by the author of King Lear e Romeo and Juliet. A darkness thrown over a Brazilian people that includes many wise people, people cultivated in the sciences and arts, sensitive people who believe in the strength of their arms and young generations that urgently need dignified and liberating training. The alternative is that a humanized poetic language (and not the beaten sameness of the so-called opposition) will change everyday life without light and all intelligences will awaken to the blockage of power in the horrendous circus of nothingness.

But the awareness that language shapes social organization is indispensable as a starting point. What does the field of power present to us today? The swear word as an appropriate norm, the compulsion to kill (others), mockery, the speeches of semi-literate people, repetitive and sickening acts (called “truths”) in the face of indefensible phenomena, the booklet of bandits and masters of fraud running the CF -1988. Make no mistake. because this is the bundle of languages ​​that shapes Brazil and intends to reach eight years and maybe more of horror, darkness, anticulture, the ridiculous festival of nothingness.

Another indispensable fact is that there are no vaccines, neither against hatred, nor against a long deformed head. Nor is it easy to reverse the molds of a language that imposes itself associated with a cheap purchase of suffering wills. The time and turn of confrontation will have to come, in which the national intelligence, embodied in the world of work, in the investigation of new things, in teaching, in caring for others and in the dignified undertaking of life, will apprehend and learn all the meaning of the models of that language that imprisons, gags, distributes aids, humiliates and makes invisible the foundations of political culture and the culture of citizenship. Meanwhile, the festival of ridicule will head to see who is re-elected to the direction of the National Congress and among the guessers of the moment there will be new disputes for the candidate for vice on the plate of nothing now catapulted to the condition of preferred. that the gentlemen of Congress see no reason to impeachment, it is fair to think that some wait for their time and their turn to board with the captain away from the uniform. A hole within a hole is always possible. In any case, everyone will join the one who reigns over nothing, an expectation symbolic of a celebration that, by naming it a victory over Covid-19, actually celebrated the victory of death. This country has always preferred Lent to Easter. Now if you want the taste to extend throughout the year.

Let me repeat: the economy will not be our lighthouse for the exit, but the new poetic languages ​​of culture, which, from the polite daily life, will scare this supposed government. In those poetic hours of enlightenment of consciences, the old captains of the bush of partisanship will be expendable (incapable of criticizing the momentary glory of the supposed president), the equally repetitive speeches of a republicanism that never existed, the teaching of worn-out contents, far from the new school , which is the educational community. The time will come to realize that government hunger relief makes people even poorer in the medium term. Putting together the experiences, between suffering and pleasure, a poetic conception of the world and the country of the people of this land will see with eyes to see that Brazil was thrown many decades ago, in the sewer and in the darkness, that it is not its place.

As for the supporters of the myth, in fact helpers of the advantageous and mythical chaos, it will take a little longer for them, especially if understood as Christians, to see, astonished, that their myth is a myth itself, that is, it acts diametrically as a complete denier of all the 8th chapter of John. There a wise young man conversing with the people and with specialists in the law; here, a dirty mouth saying nothing, repeating disloyalty, even with his ministers. to be mistreated by disgusting language. There, the great debate between darkness and light, notably their symbolic values. Here, the biker ruffian and poster boy for innocuous medicine signaling more deaths of citizens, imploding the best care system, bewildering protocols, working as a disturber of other people's work and announcing for free that almost everyone will get the little flu and… everyone has to die anyway.

There, the beginning of the ritual that will take the son of God to Calvary. Here, everyday life is an ordeal of clumsy and disloyal language, not only inelegant but also highly impolite, in which the viable truth is always sidelined. There, the master assumes his destiny as a human amid irreconcilable temporal power struggles. Here, the game of power is activated in the search for loopholes to expand the darkness and take advantage of it from social groups that are even more miserable.

In the revelation and mobilization of consciences there will be no place for a single member of the imposter clan and its empty language of truth. It will be the time for learning and reconstruction, especially in favor of those who have become even more impoverished after the waning of public assistance. Hopefully, under the sun, we will overcome the myth of Sisyphus and the stones that we will have to carry together will form the basis of our homes and our policies.

*Luiz Roberto Alves is a senior professor at the School of Communications and Arts at USP.

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