Lula's battle

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The reconstruction of Brazil and the defense of the popular government will be like an electoral victory, a hard and laborious task.

To understand why Lula won with so much difficulty, listen again Gení and the Zeppelin, music by Chico Buarque, helps as a metaphor. It is a story of human greatness and misery. A woman who, representing suffering, discriminated against and mistreated humanity, nevertheless decides to make an act of sacrifice and love to save those who cursed her so much from a terrible threat. Lula did it.

With the arrival of the PT governments at the helm of the country, the usual slaveholders went on the attack, convinced that the people, like Gení, were made to “catch and spit”. The dirty work, 24 hours a day, ended up paying off. One of the reasons was that the social revolution carried out by the Lula and Dilma Rousseff governments, with their social inclusion of millions of people, income redistribution and exit from the hunger map, did not translate into social awareness. This “self-criticism” partly belongs to us, without failing to recognize, however, that it was very difficult to face the media and its anti-PT McCarthyism designed to destroy our credibility and self-esteem.

Lula's greatness, placing himself at the forefront of this battle after so many years of struggle, requires our generosity to match his commitment to Brazil. Those who omitted themselves or made unreasonable or unfair criticism over these years have a privileged opportunity to redeem themselves. They are obligated to contribute in the best way possible to boost the national reconstruction government that Lula will command. He will face the scorched earth, material and spiritual, left by Bolsonarism. It won't be easy.

We must be alert to fight the heavy attacks that are sure to come. Already in the first 15 days we had “nervous” markets, Janja being told to stay at home, Lula's tears called “populism” and a miserable “indignation” for his trip to Egypt in a private plane.

The right, which was forced to accept the lesser evil of a third term for Lula, continues to know what it wants. He is already working so that his government has as little success as possible, planning his intention to regain control of the country in 2026. In this destructive task, he will not hesitate to rely again on Bolsonarist extremism and its alike to gain ground. Therefore, critics predisposed to point out flaws and contradictions here and there are expected to give great value to this, which is the most important victory of the rest of our lives. Let's learn the lesson, let's be critical, but constructive. If history repeats itself, it will be a much worse (new) tragedy. The right is revanchist and vindictive. If he came back, he would come back with hunger and a lot of hate.

And we, those already committed, what role will we play in this challenge of rebuilding Brazil as part of a United Latin America and integrated in the new multipolar world? Evidently, we must have a very combative and plural role, in tune with the diversity of experiences and sensibilities that we all have. But, while there in Brasília President Lula will govern with “credibility, predictability and stability”, we here, acting in the daily life of the streets, neighborhoods and networks, must accompany him guided by three ideas that strengthen our ability to win: trust, loyalty and unity.

The right has already begun the work of trying to weaken us under the maxim: “divide and conquer”. Each and every one of us needs to think calmly about the practical consequences of not remaining trusting, loyal, and united.

Let's never lose sight of the fact that giving an opinion on the networks is very easy. Carrying out the responsibilities of a government where decisions are made that impact the lives of millions is something much more complex, full of challenges and pitfalls. Decisions will certainly be made that we may not understand or even disagree with. Inevitable mistakes will also happen as in all human work. But under any circumstances, as difficult as it may seem, our confidence in Lula and his team must remain unshakable.

After his victory, Lula reaffirmed what he has been defending throughout the campaign: “I will take care of these people like no one else has ever done”. Let's be patient. Let's avoid falling into the temptation of leaving wide open those situations that may be escaping Lula's sensitive eye. Instead of certain concerns already expressed by the transition and installation of the new government, let's think about how to qualify our communication to counterbalance the media monopoly that made millions of Brazilians mind.

Brazil experienced a setback, but it does not have 58 million fascists. We need to rebuild and recover democratic and popular hegemony. Move forward with firm steps towards the reconstruction of a democratic, sovereign and independent Brazil that restores the dignity of the Brazilian people.

For those of us who are part of the social, political and spiritual base of this team led by Lula, it is up to us to assume our responsibility with history.

We are all Lula!

*Anisio Pires is professor of sociology at the Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV).


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