the cynical conscience

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The cynical conscience knows that it must accommodate and allow controlled chaos and Bolsonaro's coup within the institutions

All powers in the republic know what the “bolsonaros” did and what the current president does. The heads of institutions of the Brazilian capitalist state are fully aware of the actions of the fascist agitator. Even those who have some kind of restriction on the model of controlled chaos that governs Brazil, including many who behave like lenient vomit, even the operators of the coup inside the institutions... Everyone, absolutely everyone, is aware of the political-administrative logic of the current government.

Much of the population knows what he did last summer and what he does in the present. It is public and notorious. The press, the one confiscated by official bribery, the press, the one that tries not to get into the merits of the issue, the press, the one that hides in other polemics because it is in line with the destructive economic agenda, the press, the one that pretends to be the press . Everyone, absolutely everyone, knows what Bolsonaro represents.

Brazil was deliberately placed in the laboratory of neo-fascism. These are experiments that are being carried out in various scenarios to test the elasticity of institutions, the media repercussion, the involvement or not of the population as a whole, the resistance capacity of the forces organized in the field of the various lefts. This obscurantist bourgeois project is now undergoing one of the most macabre tests: letting Covid 19 decimate an absurd amount of Brazilians. The genocide is being televised, but so far nothing new on the resistance front...

The test of the neo-fascist project has not opened our gate and has not been in our garden. The Bolsonarist test took advantage of the anti-democratic beacons of the reactionary political culture that developed in Brazil from 2013 to 2016 and rode in the wake of the 2016 coup, fueling, as a spectacle, hatred of the poor, public services, scientific knowledge, black people /as, to women, to the civilizing minimum. It won the rancor of the contagion networks with all its imbecile wealth.

The various fractions of the bourgeoisie that seek a better position in the power bloc want more, no matter what the price to pay. PECs and decrees confirm the coup within the institutions, advance through hundreds of other internal changes to the system of institutions of the ever-sleeping formal democracy, which is directed by the ever-active bourgeois autocracy. A basic capitalist state is being adapted to the procedures of economic crisis and political crisis, therefore also going through the process of ideological crisis. The Brazilian path to fascism is in evidence with its remodeled agenda.

They would destroy the civilizing beacons, place imbecility and obscurantism in the sacred temple of truth with refinements of religious fundamentalism; instituted the lie as a central element of the debate to question reason. The truth no longer exists, this assumption has become everyone's view of any issue: science, knowledge, human rights, morals and ethics, culture and art, etc.

In the order of State issues, they are suppressing the universal value of public services to make it possible for health, education, social assistance, State/Individual relationship to be transformed into private business portfolios. The safeguards that could direct productive development are being handed over to the market and to the logic of stock exchanges. They are destroying Petrobras, Eletrobras; they have already destroyed Embraer; advance on Banco do Brasil, Caixa Econômica Federal, Correios, etc. The capital in Brazil, in the orbit of the international consortium, is not leaving any stone unturned…

The powers of the republic, or as the poet says: “these rotten powers”, like the judiciary, are active in the moral court of small claims and completely lenient in the face of the coup attack. The parliament, left aside the conflicting partnership to exercise the media stage, entering, after another Centrão victory, as a political operator of the obscurantist executive. Counter-reforms are being approved to destroy the slightest presence of the State in social life. What's more, with the administrative counter-reform, they want to physiologize the agent of the State/Citizen relationship, the public employee who has been publicized, this social subject that has always been attacked.

The stage of the buffalo opera, or burlesque drama, is deliberately in confusion, it is the Brazilian political reality acting to provide a window of opportunity to domestic capital and its international consortium; the Brazilian executive power, in its tireless search for the best formatting of the coup that is not through the traditional route, made it very clear that controlled chaos and the subjugation of institutions are the way. If this gradual logic does not take effect, the sting will open to another situation; when will the last test be carried out, if by chance we reach a political impasse, we have powers in institutional disagreement and the people crying out due to the most complete situation of social shortage: then we will have armed police and militia forces in the streets, barracks on alert for defense of the fascist agitator's project, reactionary hordes feeding various political enclosures across Brazil and coup demonstrations in profusion in the contagion networks.

All powers in the republic are aware of this possibility; institutions live with this scenario; the ultra neoliberal fit vibrates; there is a race for the share of the most diverse types of gains…

On the other hand, in a secondary position in relation to strength, since the main dispute is still between the fractions of the bourgeoisie for a better position in the power bloc, the left paralyzed by the pandemic, quibbles about the centrality of the struggle. An important part shudders when the question of the reorganization of the class is posed (it is satisfied with its small devices); another, imagines that the central question is to prepare to reorganize the neo-developmental pact of class conciliation for 2022.

However, these two variants of the same process that paralyzes the ability to face and act to change the balance of power in the Brazilian political situation, can be impacted if we find a way out that does not need to invent the wheel, we have an important path: to advance in the grassroots work, establish a broad articulation that allows the reorganization of the Brazilian working class, build a social and political front that is constitutive of the formation of the proletarian and popular bloc, in a united front of the proletarian, popular, youth and women organizations, of the people poor from the most diverse peripheries and from leftist parties.

The cynical conscience knows that it must accommodate and allow controlled chaos and Bolsonaro's coup within the institutions. Therefore, he will do everything not to face the last test of the script of Bolsonarist actions. Organized workers and those on the left have the role of challenging the cynical conscience and preparing to face the possibility of the last test, that is, the scenario of the Brazilian road to neo-fascism.

*Milton Pinheiro is a political scientist and full professor of political history at the State University of Bahia (UNEB).


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