The temporary defeat of death

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Hope, solidarity and love for others won. Bolsonaro never again. Neither your God, nor your Country, nor your Family

Geneva, yesterday, Wednesday, November 2, 2022. Journalist Jamil Chad attends a UN event to cover a meeting of world authorities, ambassadors, representatives, agents of countries from all over the world and Brazil, through his figure – as a journalist and a Brazilian citizen – is applauded resoundingly by the worldwide community gathered there.

Officials, security guards, people from the service structure at the meeting, shared in the applause, not specifically for Lula's election, which has always been extraordinarily respected across the planet, but for the lesson that our country gave the world yesterday, showing that it is possible to resist to the violence of fascism, to the bossiness of the extreme right, to all kinds of perverts who want the end of liberal democracy and the expulsion of the people from the republican scene, which built the best period of modernity, opened by the Enlightenment and the French Revolution.

Tuesday, the first day of November 2022, Porto Alegre, world capital of participatory democracy, whose political experience has traveled the planet and set an example of local public management. An experience that rediscovered the possibilities of the liberal-democratic utopia, linked there to the values ​​of tolerance and the pursuit of equality. In front of the Southern Military Command, at 16 pm, a small group of demonstrators, demanding the implementation of a military dictatorship in Brazil, received information (and believed) that the President of the STF, Minister Alexandre Moraes, had been arrested and that – for this – the country was being saved from revived communism.

He would be imprisoned, according to the protesters, the main obstacle to the continuity of a genocide in power, who was not even ashamed to say that he was an admirer of torture and did not hesitate to mock the suffering of those who were going to die, suffocated by the negligence of his Government with public health.

People kneel, embrace, scream and wave the national flag, illegally made a symbol of a fascist and necrophiliac candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic. There, at that exact moment, the public arc of extreme political relations was defined, between a President of the Republic, with his political hate plant – the same as Steve Bannon who managed the invasion of the Capitol – and the speeches of former deputy Roberto Jefferson.

This had faced the country's democratic institutions for the umpteenth time, aiming its batteries directly at leading figures of democratic institutions, through perverse and scabrous attacks on the figures of the STF, who tried to guarantee, in the legal field, the success of the presidential elections and the permanence of the liberal-representative system in the country. Minister Cármen Lúcia and Minister Alexandre de Moraes were the targets of a Jefferson of the worst marginality that a good part of our great press – without any shame – helped to naturalize for years, worried that it was suffocating Lula’s leadership and democratic merits of the PT.

Let's think about this to understand the historical scene: it was not a manifestation of groups happy for the death of Dona Mariza, for the appearance of cancer in the throat of the most important popular leader in the country; not even a gathering of people celebrating the death of a landless person or the death of Lula's grandson; it wasn't a gang of bandits organized to pull out a gun and chase a black journalist through the streets of São Paulo; or a group of people summoned to celebrate the unjust imprisonment of a President who lifted 35 million people out of poverty; nor groups organized and financed to block roads and provoke a situation of chaos – conducive to coup d'état – after having knowledge of the electoral results: it was a representative group of people who believed in the sordid lies – woven in the clandestine networks of hate – now projected to be the “new way of doing politics” and dominate the opinion of a vast part of the people. The underprivileged, misinformed and fanaticized people, who cast a huge volume of votes for Bolsonaro, there celebrated the false arrest of the President of the Supreme Court, taking their extreme moral and political poverty to the precipice of historic suicide, live and in color.

Originating from a Fascist International, now united to economic ultraliberalism and endowed with a lot of money – controlling centers for the production of information and dissemination of totalitarian propaganda – this “informative” political action that generated that hysteria is supported by two pillars, which make its success: the ability to locate and organize groups of people with low cognitive ability, predisposed to conspiracy theories, offering them simplified and quick information (“objective!”), which they “want to hear”, to simplify their lives spiritually poor and materially dissatisfied; and technological capacity to deliver customized information to the intimacy of their social and family life, to give sharp and direct answers, on complex subjects that stun their common life, bringing to light their most unhealthy individual aspects, in order to process them as a deformed and distorting political opinion.

Whoever celebrates or induces to celebrate the death of an innocent child must have a secret and murderous desire to kill a child; whoever believes or induces other people to believe in “dick bottles” must have a pedophile compulsion hidden in some corner of their spirit; whoever accepts that his leader defends the torture of his fellow men is a potential torturer. This dissemination of information and opinions, in a scientifically planned way, not only generates policies mediated by elections, but also processes of breaking all ties – artificial or otherwise – of minimal solidarity between people living in a community. This is a policy aimed at dividing human beings, between those “usable” by the capital system in crisis and those who must be removed from sharing democratic life, the only method of resolving conflicts that can compose a dignified life. Even within capitalism, a more solidary life less guided by violence and fear.

Hope, solidarity and love of neighbor prevailed in the country. Until when, it will depend not only on the government that Lula makes, as on the broad Anti-fascist Front that was set up by millions, but also on the political will of a renewed left that knows how to link, in these new times, a new democratic common sense, aimed at combat both the misery and the manipulative capacity of the fascist germs, which are bearing fruit around the world.

The last words that Jair Bolsonaro always babbles, with his face transfixed by hatred, are almost always “God, Fatherland and Family”, verbal symbols of Nazism not overcome by History. The majority of our people venerate a God, love their homeland and see in their different forms of family the starting point of a great national communion of love and tolerance. So that we can bury fascism, the whole of society must know that both Jair Bolsonaro's homeland and his concept of God are the same as those of Nazism and Fascism, which promoted the death of millions. They are an expression of racial hatred, contempt for the suffering of others and intolerance of differences. Bolsonaro never again. Neither your God, nor your Homeland, nor your Family.

*Tarsus in law he was governor of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, mayor of Porto Alegre, Minister of Justice, Minister of Education and Minister of Institutional Relations in Brazil. Author, among other books, of possible utopia (Arts & Crafts).

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