The Religious Hoax of Fascism


“God above all” is the favorite refrain of the President who established political necrophilia, corruption is forgiven when he is against “communism”, the defense of torture and brought together a phalanx of insane people in the government

By Tarso Genro*

Fascism falsifies God, religion and nation to lie every day. I again use my favorite Jewish-American Philip Roth to try to say something new about our hell. In it, Nazism is already part of everyday life and the waiting time – to reach the exit doors – is increasingly distant. In the book the reverse of life (Companhia das Letras), the character Grossman, “a pacemaker in his heart and glasses on his nose”, says: “the money – everything is for sale – and that's what counts. Young people are full of despair. Drugs are just despair. No one wants to feel this good if they are not deeply desperate.” Hard drug for one is an option, but it is mediation of life's misfortune within short time that helps both to survive and to kill oneself. Or kill.

Bolsonaro's drug is politics. And the drug of much of the traditional media is its sublimation, as an anesthetic of democracy with the complicity agreed upon by the reforms. “communism”, the defense of torture as a method of investigation (coming from the Middle Ages) and joined – in the government – ​​a phalanx of insane people: some believe that the earth is flat, others see Christ in the Guava tree, in addition to creationists, pure Nazis, of militiamen, sexual abstinence advisers and indecent people kneeling before the Empire's club.

Does anyone think that the President really believes in a God who is always present in his appeals to humility, but a God who is not himself? Spinoza said that if God is infinite “nothing can exist that is not God”. And if we find something “other than God”, it is because He is not infinite, since “we are all parts of God, but so are stones, ants, blades of grass and windows” (...); “Things are integrated into an incredibly complex whole, but ultimately, everything that exists is part of one thing: God.” God is everything, the absolute.

For Spinoza, Jews, Christians, blacks, Indians, homosexuals, Muslims, nature, crazy, healthy, sick, atheists and believers, we are all God. However, the big problem with this theological interpretation of Spinoza, which appears in Nigel Warburton, is when the insane radicals are in power and identify humanity with their sick square of the world.

Bolsonaro's mystery is being able to maintain coherence against all the commandments of Christianity and invoke God as his unrestricted accomplice and be accepted. Who manages to do this and have a minority, but efficient and organized social base, it is because he subsumed God in his chosen word and, instead of representing him who is infinite, he became – himself – not his representation, but the your complete presence.

Carl Schmitt, the theoretical jurist of Nazi law, who never paid for his crimes, when he wrote that the “Führer rules(s) the Law” and was anointing Hitler to the status of a national God, would attribute to him the power to say what it was a crime against the State and what a sin was against his own divine status.

This would be just – it is true – one of the analyzes of the Bolsonaro phenomenon, which will not be overcome by the traditional methods and strategies of modern politics, founded on the “reason of the leaders” and the “emotion of the masses”. Reason itself (mercantile) is today a radical instrument of power of the current political bureaucracy of fascism and “emotion” can respond – and increasingly so – only to the appeals of money. In a society where the market absorbs the State (where emotion is made in a flow of information with no destination defined by the humanity of each one), the most elementary survival instincts are processed in the vortex of fascist domination.

Our leaders, I dare say, must understand that, in today's society, classical capitalist exploitation is integrated with the creation of conditions for collective depression, which is made as a sum of separate individuals, not as syntheses of a new collective spirit. . These – by becoming a mass phenomenon – bring with them not the collective meaning of the Square, expressed as libertarian protest movements led by traditional politics, but rather – as in Chile – by the joint loneliness engendered in the networks, which, suddenly, surprise politics and its classic parties of industrial society.

The isolated plurality of leftist leaders “represents” this fragmentation, with its “chunks” of depressed emotions. Therefore, as long as they do not speak a common language, which responds to the combined conditions of exploitation and depression, fascism will continue to win, as it offers security and strength, we offer indeterminacy about the future. Speak together, from a large democratic table, Lula, Requião, Suplicy, Boulos, Haddad, Dino, Pimenta, Manuela, Juliano, Jandira, Roberto Amaral, because what matters now is not the number of followers who will listen to them today, but what the unitary and sensible word can muster and program to block the mortal future of fascism.

Maria Rita Kehll says that, if “love” is the set of ties that tie the subject to life combined with imaginary representations that produce meaning to existence, depression can be understood as a loving imperfection. Only authentic, unitary and democratic politics – ruthless with the anti-death values ​​– can combat this imperfection and transform it into collective rebellion. To speak separately to the dispersed is to legitimize their solitude and consolidate their abandonment. To unite the different solitudes explored with a unitary word is to restart the emancipation interrupted by fascism, which wants to take the place of God, be it infinite or just a thought reflection of our human imperfection.

*Tarsus-in-law he was Governor of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Mayor of Porto Alegre, Minister of Justice, Minister of Education and Minister of Institutional Relations in Brazil

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