The Zionist war against Palestine

Israeli army in destroyed area of ​​Gaza/ Reproduction Telegram


The European Zionist movement was soon associated with the colonization of Palestine, which is why critics considered it a colonialist or racist movement.

Zionism originated in Europe in the 5.000th century, before the First World War, and can be considered a political-religious movement aimed at establishing a Jewish national state. The location chosen by Zionist nationalism was the region where, between 3.000 and 12 years ago, the “United Kingdom of Israel and Judah” existed, formed at the time by the 12 tribes of the XNUMX sons of Jacob, in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea.

Zionists advocate the return of all Jews to the current State of Israel, and oppose the assimilation of Jews into the societies of the countries in which they live. The European Zionist movement was soon associated with the colonization of Palestine, therefore considered by critics as a colonialist or racist movement.

There is also religious foundation or religious fundamentalism. People who converted to Judaism are included in this group, while Jews who converted to other religions are excluded. There are Jews who disagree with Zionist Jews – in practice they are anti-Zionist Jews.

Jews are an ethno-religious group originating from the 12 tribes of Israel, originating from the 12 sons of Jacob of Old Testament of the Bible, although archaeologists have not found significant evidence of Jacob's existence. Despite the brotherhood, the tribes fought among themselves, with tribes eliminated or exiled, remaining three tribes that came to constitute the Jews.

Apparently Jesus Christ, with his word and teachings, revoked the Old testment. Jesus Christ said that the vengeful and murderous God of Old testment does not exist – God is love and kindness. Would it be possible to find similarities between the religious foundation of the State of Israel and the religious foundation of Afghanistan?

Palestine is a name given by the Roman Empire (time of Jesus Christ, 2.000 years ago) to a region east of the Mediterranean Sea/Middle East, covering what would today be Palestine/Israel, Jordan and Lebanon. Both Palestine and the Kingdom of Israel Old testment They originate from the region called the Levant, which also includes Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

After the First World War (1918), the Zionists chose, as the place to create their State, the region of Palestine, at the time under occupation by England – British Mandate/partition of the Ottoman Empire. In May 1948, the head of the World Zionist Organization declared the establishment of a Jewish State independent of British control, supported by a UN resolution.

And so, shortly after the Second World War, the war began in 1948 to occupy Palestine and expel non-Jews from the lands in which they had lived for millennia, since the time of the 12 tribes of the sons of Jacob.

Robert Kennedy, candidate for president of the United States, recently said: “Israel is our fortress. It's almost like having an aircraft carrier in the Middle East. With Saudi Arabia joining the BRICS, they will control 90% of the world's oil if Israel disappears. Israel is our ambassador there, giving us intelligence and the ability to influence events. That would be a catastrophe for U.S. national security.”

In the words of the UN Secretary General, in Israel's current war against Palestine, the Gaza Strip is becoming a children's cemetery.

For the Jew Breno Altman, editor of the website World Opera, “the biggest cause of anti-Semitism is the colonial and racist State of Israel. Because Zionism's crimes are so brutal, humanity's repugnance against this heinous doctrine penalizes all Jews. Only the liquidation of the Zionist regime will bring peace, respect and security to the Jews.”

*Joao Carlos Loebens is a doctoral student in economics and tax auditor at the State Revenue Service of Rio Grande do Sul.

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