The judge of Florianópolis and the councilor of Curitiba



Considerations on the legal sentences that prevented a legal abortion and the impeachment of Renato Freitas

“And if that same congressman\ Defends the adoption of capital punishment \
And the venerable cardinal says he sees so much spirit in the fetus \ and none in the delinquent?” (Caetano Veloso, Haiti).

Joana or Renato? Santa Catarina. Joana Ribeiro Zimmer (judge) – together with Mirela Dutra Alberton (prosecutor) oppressed, tortured and did everything else to annihilate the dignity of a child of only 11 years old.

Raped, this girl became pregnant. Desperate, her mother went after saving her daughter.

Report by The Intercept Brazil in detail counts and shows the via crucis of this little Brazilian.[1] And it exposes the horror that is our current “justice system”: “Two days after the pregnancy was discovered, the girl was taken to the hospital by her mother to undergo the procedure [legal termination of pregnancy]. The Penal Code allows abortion in cases of sexual violence, without imposing any limitation on weeks of pregnancy and without requiring judicial authorization. The medical team, however, refused to perform the abortion, which is allowed by hospital rules only up to 20 weeks. The girl was 22 weeks and two days old.”

The violation of this child's rights begins there, with such doctors. Probably a bunch of macho old white men (bolsominions) - but that's a mere guess, though that would be pretty typical, by the way.

The judge in question treats the raped girl as a mere female breeder, walking brooder or something like that – it is disgusting. I do not recommend anyone's mental health to watch the macabre interrogation conducted by the lady "magistrate". It is the prolonged torture of a child. Yes, that's right. Big red alert. It says everything about fascistization of a good part of our Judiciary (and Public Ministry).

It turns out that it is not just about the insensitive reaction of the young blonde judge from Santa Catarina, Joana (partner of prosecutor Mirela Dutra Alberton). A judge, judge of second instance – Cláudia Lambert de Faria – refused to take the raped girl out of the shelter where she had been confined by the blonde fake, our sage, Ribeiro Zimmer – who, register again, fulfilled the promoter's wish. Three good ladies – after all.

The mega thoughtful, empathetic and sensitive (contains irony) judge even appointed a “fetus curator”. Yes. That's right.

Political or ideological positions aside, medicine is unanimous in highlighting the extremely high risk that a 10-year-old child faces when trying to complete a pregnancy (and let's repeat: the result of rape, rape, rape, rape, rape, rape). There is always a very low probability that the delivery will be successful, resulting in the birth of a healthy baby.

But should a fetus really have so many and such supreme rights? Or are the judge's decisions motivated by other moral, political and ideological values? Should any developing embryo have more protection from the State than an adult and abused woman, who generated and carries this pile of cells in her own womb?

The prosecutor, the judge and the disembargator from Santa Catarina thought so. They believe that a pregnant woman has no rights, only the embryo or fetus – even coming from the sperm of a rapist, has them. But shouldn't even a tiny bit of dignity deserve a brutally abused child? Directed question – with disgust and disgust especially to your Excellencies Joana (judge) and Cláudia (prosecutor).

I don't know who these three right-handers voted for in 2018. I can only imagine – as I continue to cry for the doubly abused girl. By the way: your majesty togada, Joana Ribeiro refused to comment on the case – allegedly outraged by the leak of images from the audience. Yes, the same one in which that judge tortured the pregnant girl, victim of rape.


the cheapest meat

Renato Freitas, despite being born in Sorocaba – and only 38 years old – is from Curitiba, in fact and by law. He looks like he's 25 at most. The young black petista became a councilor in 2018. 5 thousand votes, a master's degree plus beautiful hair black power. In Curitiba. It is, right there, in the cradle of lavajatismo – in the white and conservative capital of Paraná. A feat in itself.

Renato Freitas is a rap fan, graduated and master in law from UFPR, son of a father who was imprisoned – and died at just over 30 years old, just like his older brother (murdered with a shot in the head).

In June of last year, Renato Freitas spent three hours in jail. Reason: he was playing basketball in a square and was denounced. “Disturbing the peace” was the allegation. The PMs arrested him for “disturbing the police procedure”. All recorded on video.

The discomfort of the Curitiba bourgeoisie with the strength and representativeness of the PT councilor is a matter that would even deserve a detailed academic research. In addition to rejoicing and disclosure.

Renato Freitas is a target. As were Marielle Franco, Bruno Pereira, Dom Philips and Margarida Alves. And as Lula still is – along with all the people who stand up – facing the neo-fascist neoliberal ruling classes.

Renato Freitas could never have set foot there, in that hall chic of the Chamber of Curitiba. Not even being such an intelligent, prepared, charismatic black man with a vote. Still, much less still, being a mere petista. It was too much. Persecution, isolation, defamation. Until the councilors from Curitiba revoked Freitas' mandate.


Zimmer and Freitas

But what does one thing have to do with another – Renato and Joana?

All. Or nothing, strictly speaking – despite both being from southern states of the country, with approximate ages, working in the field of law.

The judge from Santa Catarina is a nefarious character who represents what is most backward, authoritarian, regressive and sexist in the national justice system. The councilor from Curitiba, who annoys his peers too much, symbolizes what is most advanced, progressive and democratic in Brazil.

It so happens that while Renato Freitas is fighting against violence and for citizenship, Joana Zimmer seems to take pleasure in raping and revictimizing a ten-year-old girl.

Renato Freitas, progressive, fights against oppression of all kinds, inside and outside – the system and the State. Joana Zimmer is oppressive and authoritarian, representative of the dominant classes. With cruel enjoyment she continues to exercise her micro power in that same state.

* Julian Rodrigues, journalist and teacher, is a Human Rights and LGBTI activist.




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