The political logic of swearing

Josef Herman, Sketch of a Woman, undated.


There is only one way to double the curse's potency to maximum and that is to prolong it with the threat of death.

Cursing is the invention of language to interrupt any dialogue.

Cursing is not directed at the word of the other, but at his being.

It is aimed at being in the broadest sense of the term: at its history, at its body, at its existence in so much value of life.

There is only one way to double the curse's potency to maximum and that is to prolong it with the threat of death.

With the threat of death, the minimum pact is suspended: to continue with the word.

If the threat of death extends to the democratic space, he relaxes and the state of exception takes place.

Neoliberalism, in its interpretation and exercise of power, is no longer in a position to legitimize itself democratically. And this for structural reasons. His plan of appropriating and exploiting a nation demands the permanent practice of hatred, name-calling and threats. For this, it has a large number of symbolically devastated subjects whose only possible identity is only conquered through these practices. It's just a matter of recruiting them.

Soon, neoliberal politicians and their media devices undertake the perverse operation. First hit head-on, then sow doubt about the existence of the injury, finally blame the victim for the damage that has occurred. Obviously, this sequence is “spectacularized” in the media with different dramatic strategies.

The current political cadres determined to combat this state of affairs, which undoubtedly have a large international power, must analyze these strategies as being an analysis that forms part of their militancy. For despite presenting themselves as reports, at their core lies a machinery for the systematic destruction of democracy.

*Jorge Aleman is a psychoanalyst and writer. Author, among other books, of Capitalism: perfect crime or emancipation (Ned Editions).

Translation: Maria Cecilia Ipar.

Originally published in the newspaper page 12.


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