the general madness

Image: Elyeser Szturm

By Tarso Genro *

Science and philosophy, synthesized in great politics, is what can save the planet from the infinite solitude of the indifferent universe.

I cut out some random texts to express what maybe thousands of people feel in this moment of humanity's loneliness. I say loneliness of the species, not as a melancholic feeling of “one” being in the isolated world, as humans feel when far from their affections. I speak of the solitude of the planet, not in this country of the militias in power, but in this deep and unknown universe where light travels millions of light years to reach any point where the faces of men are reflected with a certain peace.

There, he is the solitary face of all humanity before the force of nature that rebelled, as if – from the place destined for it – it turned against all the times that were taken away from it: in the form of fear, in the form of death. , in the form of deformed mirrors. In that mirror that we are forced to get to know ourselves a little more, in the most terrible and also the most dignified that we build as a species. Which side will win? Our atavistic evils and our weariness or our joys, which can lift us up for a relentless struggle against absolute evil?

The clippings: Steinbeck, in “The Street of Lost Illusions”, after saying that the city “seems to be suspended outside of time, in the midst of a silvery light”, says that “very few people are standing, just enough to make the street look even more deserted.” From Ian McEwvan, “Enclosed”: “Too much to bear, too macabre to be true. Why is the world so cruelly organized?” Mujica, “A black sheep to power”: “the deepest humanism comes by way of science. Ultimately, philosophy is the sister of mathematics and without philosophy and science there is no humanity.”

I reflect: our streets should be more “empty” than they are; yes, it is “too macabre” to be true, but this is the purity that remakes everyone's lives; and I add, with Mujica: science and philosophy – synthesized in great politics – is what can save the planet from the infinite solitude of the indifferent universe. Many call this universe God, others the expression of “cosmic forces”, but most, in practice, accept it as waiting and doubt. Through these, the impulses of consciousness give way to the fact that life just goes on.

Some details that go – voluntarily or involuntarily – unnoticed by the traditional media show the brutality of the situation. In a country where the president is an international outcast and disqualified “healer” of pandemics, disagreements that prevail in the Executive and Legislative branches indicate that we are very far from lucidity and close to generalized madness: the president runs his nose over his arm and immediately shakes hands unprotected people, who are around him, after disqualifying – for weeks at a time – the work of one of his ministers, who shows the slightest attachment to international protocols to combat the pandemic that attacks all of humanity. Enough? Let's go.

This president's sons formed a parallel government and, bypassing all ministerial hierarchies, developed a foreign policy subordinate to President Donald Trump. He, the great idiot who wants to be emperor of war and decadence – a nationalist from a rich country – directs our Government to put our external accounts at even greater risk and squander, allied with the subservient Bolsonaro, the formidable reserves left by the PT governments and its allies. The same ones that are currently saving the country from an even more brutal crisis. And I continue.

The president attacks and mocks the oligopoly of the media and the entire press, thanks to which he was elected, with the help of the delinquent falsification of the “two extremes”; and also holds the STF hostage to “a corporal and two soldiers”, an allusion that has not yet been forgotten and which intimidates most Justices of the Court. But the madness does not stop there: the power bloc – which is not united and worships ultraliberal reforms as a blood pact – also expresses its disagreements, which are not about how to make the State work in a moment of serious crisis, but how best to to equip him for his immediate political designs.

Let us now see the speech of one of the most eminent members of the power group, referring to the internal differences that guide them: after the show of simulated betrayal – live and in color – radiated by the mobile phone of a candidate for Minister of the MDB. Says the president of the Chamber Rodrigo Maia, referring to the inadequate way in which the government distributes resources to the states of the Federation, to alleviate their financial crises: “the government was quick to provide a solution for the states of the North and Northeast, which ideologically they are a natural opposition to the government. So they decided, because in counterpoint politics they want the PT alive and they want to kill the people around them, those who are from the center right…”

First ugly lie: the government is not favoring any government of the left or the PT, in the distribution of resources, as can be seen from Maia's own and provocative exposition; second ugly lie, in so few words: this government and Bolsonaro – in particular – never wanted the PT to be “alive” and even simulated machine gunning us, under the complicit silence of state institutions, paralyzed by the seduction and violence of the scum of the myth; but the third ugly lie – that wish was uttered out of ignorance, not conviction – is that the proto-fascism of the current Government wants someone alive, at the end of its journey. Nobody wants anyone alive who wants to sanitize society and the State of all “politicians”, except for marginals turned into State politicians or leaders of militia parties.

This is how fascism desires the countries in which it is installed, this is how Bolsonaro designs his strategy. Those who do not understand this may finally enter some dark corner of their hell, but they will not have any light to turn on and recognize the environment or verify that the streets are empty, “suspended outside of time in the midst of a silvery light.” But he will know that "it's not too macabre to be true".

*Tarsus-in-law he was Governor of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Mayor of Porto Alegre, Minister of Justice, Minister of Education and Minister of Institutional Relations in Brazil.

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