The militancy against impotence

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We are experiencing a new systemic, political, religious, ideological and cultural setback; the attacks and threats against life come from all sides

“Today's society, where revivals and primitive religious sentiments, as well as the legacy of revolutions, are for sale on the market; where fascist leaders negotiate the territory and life of nations behind their doors, while the smart public calculates the price on the radio; society, where the word that unmasks it is legitimized for that very reason as a recommendation for admission to political banditry; this society, in which politics is no longer just a business, but business is all of politics – this society is filled with indignation against the backward mercantilism of the Jew and designates him as materialism, the dealer, who must retreat before the sacred fire of those who erected the business into something absolute”.

The above paragraph, with such current content, belongs to Adorno and Horkheimer, members of the Frankfurt School, published in 1947, in the book Dialectic of Enlightenment. And, it immediately shows us, the power of political power, in capitalism, to mark the times with revisitations to the retrogression.

Isn't it strange to see the rebirth of the power of religion through religious sects, when Liberation Theology had taught how to organize Base Ecclesial Communities? And, the legacy of the revolutions exchanged in the liberality of the market as if it could include the impoverished masses in the consumer society, also defended by the so-called popular governments? Or again, the fascist leaders in power are not behind the doors again, represented by the lies told on social networks, while they privatize the rest of the public property and carry out reforms that usurp social rights, while the left celebrates the defeat of the printed vote and the return of coalitions? We are not experiencing, by chance, a reheated process of political banditry, as were the “Black Centuries” in Russia after the 1905 Revolution, here associating paramilitary groups, militias, military, politicians and rulers, even having the president of a political party calling on the forces of backwardness to rise up in arms to overthrow the institutions and definitively enter the “state of terror”? Do we have or do we not have a commodified policy that passes through the ministries, whose base is permeated by subjects of organized crime, military, religious and agents of the parallel market, driven by bribes?

When the criminal forces learn to handle politics and make it flow like business does in the market, it is evident that we are entering a time of regression, but it is not just any regression, it is a regression that forms permanent structured bases to function as small reigns, culturally accepted by the dominated populations. Therefore, what we have been philosophically calling “barbarism”, we can already visualize as “terror policy”. Data show that life in Latin American countries is becoming unsustainable. In March 2021 alone, 171 people who were illegally migrating, fleeing the terror of Central America, were arrested on the border between Mexico and the United States of America.

The aggravating factor, for our Brazilian reality, is that, if in the past the implantation of the State and institutions was a bourgeois claim to guarantee the functioning of an unequal society, nowadays it is the forces of the left that, abandoning revolutionary principles, deal with in begging votes from the population to support the official “democratic game”, when the real championship is being played illegally.

It is in this sense that the authors of the first paragraph tell us that “impotence attracts the enemy of impotence”. That is, the more powerless we are, the more fear we demonstrate, the more the enemies advance, because they do not see any demonstration of resistance on the opposite side. It is as if the thief found the forgotten door opened by the resident who left for work. In this sense, against the tanks is the hope that the judiciary will declare the coup d'état illegal and, against the insanity of the Planalto Palace, the trench of the 2022 presidential elections.

It is true that effective politics combat the evils of politics. But, politics is not done without force. Since Napoleon Bonaparte, when he instituted the “popular army”, allowing any subject of the people to become a soldier, it is also possible to start to do politics with the masses led by “militancy” (soldiers of action), organized on a partisan basis. in favor of the whole and combatant of factions interested in defending themselves and against the whole.

Nowadays, universally, party representations are similar to factions and started to function without the “soldiers of action” (militancy) and, always and primarily positioning themselves in favor of themselves, against the whole. It is against this impotence that we must also react, because it is as malevolent as the politics of crime, since most elected representatives, in addition to becoming uncontrollable, also survive on the business of politics.

However, there is no way to make politics, structure change processes, raise the level of awareness of citizens and project the conquest of power, without a party organization. It may have any name, but above all it must be a part of society, with a class position, solidly organized and willing to fight for the whole. That is enough to say, to differentiate ourselves from the backward positions that want to close the National Congress and cancel the political parties. We also partially believe, but while they aim at totalitarianism, we have in mind to achieve democracy in revolutionary form.

To this current partisan form expressed by the “factions” that, for the most part, strive to guarantee the presence of representatives in the National Congress, to take possession of the ever-increasing portion of the “Party Fund”, and have as a priority to defend the “Rule of Law”, we must ask: what “Rule of Law” do they refer to? That guarantor of the functioning of capitalism? From that preserver of the privileges of marshals, generals and their descendants? Of that guarantor only of elections, but never of true democracy? That defender of the right to come and go for the white population, a component of the middle class upwards, while the black populations and slum dwellers live eternally under police and militia totalitarianism?

We can affirm an apparent aberration that, “there is no future without a future”; however, it makes perfect sense, if we understand that nothing new will be built if we remain hostages to the direction of decadent and impotent forces. That is, what is the future of impotence? The answer was given above: to attract even more enemies. This is a future without a future.

A future with a future is guaranteed by facing its own impotence, rising up against its enemies. This confrontation begins with territorial disputes, against the forces of crime and religious sects. Militancy will only be rebuilt with a new grassroots work experience. In the past, clandestine aggregations were called, even in the first century, “groups of Christians”; at the beginning of Christianity to fight against the Roman Empire and stayed for three hundred years acting clandestinely; in Brazil, in the colonial period we had the Quilombos; in Russia for the Revolution of 1917, the “cells”, closer, here we had “nuclei” and even “group of eleven” to fight against imperialism and dictatorships. We are experiencing a new systemic, political, religious, ideological and cultural setback; attacks and threats against life come from all sides, only the structuring of conspiratorial practices can guarantee the overcoming of the politics of crime and emancipate workers.

*Ademar Bogo he holds a doctorate in philosophy from UFBA and is a university professor.


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