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Brief commentary on the recent article by Tarso Genro

I have a brief comment on the text “Political Organization and Popular Pressure”, by Tarso Genro, posted on the website the earth is round.

I understand that the author could consider guidelines that have long been in line with the new political and social conditions discussed in the text. Such guidelines end up being manipulated by the center-right and right-wing, who perceive their potential for political dispute from “from below” without necessarily being willing to implement them or even implement them, but in a way, above all, to benefit the businessmen who are going through difficult times, especially due to the effects of the COVID pandemic.

An example of this is the Zero Tariff agenda, discussed and debated and even implemented in some smaller municipalities, but almost always on the sidelines of what the sixth article of the Constitution prescribes, which establishes transportation as a social right since 2015, without anything having been done for its regulation. There is, for example, PEC 25, proposed by Congresswoman Luiza Erundina, which establishes this regulation through the Zero Tariff, the creation of the SUM (Single Mobility System) and authorization for the creation of CONUSV, a contribution to be paid, above all, by cars by the use of road systems. Such a contribution will bring substantial resources in the big cities that will help a lot in the financing of Tarifa Zero. But the so-called left-wing government is solemnly unaware of this agenda, which, among others, meets the new political framework.

This is just one example of the need for the left to have new agendas other than the traditional ones, which, as the text shows, are in decline in the current political framework. The right, I repeat, seems to have already realized this.

Another example is the non-change or full discussion of the tax issue in the country which, for example, exempts dividends and profits from income tax, but charges it at 7,5% starting from a salary of R$1903,98!

And so on, with Minister Fernando Haddad seeming to be more concerned with reaching a good term with “those at the top”.

Anyway, other tariffs may have the same meaning as the Zero Rate and meet this correct general understanding, made by Tarso Genro, who has always had my respect.

*Lucio Gregory, engineer from USP, he was municipal secretary of transport in the government of Luiza Erundina.

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