the rediscovery



a mini tale

While she was in the kitchen repeating the daily ritual of preparing her breakfast alone, she realized that the bells of the church next to her house were ringing. They sounded before her virus quarantine, but since the beginning she hadn't noticed that sound. And now a question has arisen, at first trivial, childish, but ultimately devastating: what does that mean? He didn't know how to answer, as we don't know how to answer a child's embarrassing questions. Doubt slammed into her, leaving her with a sense of anguish. He looked at the clock to find out what time it was in order to orient himself, but he soon realized that he had nowhere to go, the hours were of no use, as they no longer oriented the time to eat, study or even work – many other things. doubts assailed her, revealing the fragility of her certainties when confronted with this borderline real situation. The vibrations from that object shuddered through the steeple and the surface of her skin, finding an echo in her thoughts and stomach. A vertigo awakened by recently discovered symbologies.

It was eleven-fifteen in the morning.

*Luan Remigio is a doctoral student in philosophy at Unifesp and an exchange student at the University of Salento, Lecce, Italy.

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