The facade renovation

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The current federal government, militarized, is a destructive, demolishing government, like few others have existed in our fragile democratic history

When looking for a house to live in, or an apartment in a building, the first thing that calls attention, without a doubt, is its facade, its external appearance. That first impression from the street outside can give an indication of what to expect inside.

If the façade is degraded, it is assumed that its interior, that is, the units that make up the same building, follow the same pattern of degradation. It is expected, therefore, that the various rooms of an apartment, for example, such as the living room, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms, are well detonated, due to poor maintenance or misuse. But let's face it, that's not always the case. A decaying-looking building on the coast may even have cozy apartments, a good promenade nearby and a lighthouse to light up the beautiful nights by the sea.

On the opposite side, a farm on the side of the road, which may not be all that things because of the intense and heavy traffic in front of it, may have its compensation if it has some good fruit trees and a good little dirt field to play a little football in the late afternoon.

In a typically urban setting, it is often the surroundings of a house, be it a house or an apartment, that end up giving that special touch to the place where you choose to live. Living near a park to take a good walk in the morning or at the end of a working day is, without a doubt, one of those pleasant moments in any city in the interior or in the capitals.

In this scenario, if by chance the facade of a house or a building can be attractive, and the houses have good internal distributions, the noise caused by neighbors can be an unbearable component. Perhaps a panoramic view of a mountain range or a distant sea can counterbalance the unpleasantness and sleepless nights because of noisy neighbors, especially in this quarantine period of the coronavirus pandemic. In other words, as my dear Aunt Suzette used to say, sometimes appearances or facades are deceiving.

If Trump's hospitalization, due to the coronavirus infection and the interference in his re-election in 2020, and Bolsonaro's hospitalization, due to a stab wound and his election in 2018, have any possible similarity, only time will tell us to say. But, here with my buttons, which bear some resemblance, and may not only be possible fake news at the moment, it seems very possible.

How is it possible, too, that this federal government, which preaches a state reform, can be preaching, even, in fact, it is a sham reform, a façade reform, all to arrive, one day, in what it said, clearly , the military-president-in-chief, who is the destruction of all that is there.

And so let's not deceive ourselves because it looks like he's been keeping his word. This militarized federal government is a destructive, demolishing government, like few others have existed in our fragile democratic history. What this government preaches, and tries to carry out without the slightest bit of shame, seems to have been materialized by the 57 million votes received in a project of the work of evil and at galloping speed.

But then what to do? How to get out of this? It is like a house deteriorated by time and misuse, in a terrible state of conservation. A deep internal and structural reform is necessary, for real, so that something happens to the majority of the population that did not put this government in power. The facade until today, apparently preserved by the dominant class, one day has to start to crumble and really reveal what exists inside this rottenness.

So, as we wait, “calmly”, for the time being, the manifestation of the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) on the impeachment of the suspiciously elected military-presidential ticket in 2018, the personal research on the candidates for mayors and councilors in the 2020 elections , could be a way to go so that we do not elect people of the “Bolsonaro type”, who are totally demolishers and destroyers as our future representatives.

So, in closing, “Stay Carol Solberg!” and “Fora Bolsonaro!”.

*Heraldo Campos He holds a PhD in Sciences from the Institute of Geosciences at the University of São Paulo (USP).

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