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For Jair Bolsonaro there are no opponents, there are only enemies to be slaughtered by weapons

As a politician who defends the execution of suspects, the shooting of “30 thousand compatriots”, the assassination of a peaceful and democratic president, torture as an inquisitorial method, the end of political democracy, who maintains that the mistake of the dictatorship was not to torture , but it was “not to kill”, which publicly expresses his admiration for Hitler and mocks the torture suffered by a worthy woman – who was being removed from the Presidency –, as this politician was cowardly naturalized by the neoliberal “establishment” and by the great chains of communication, after having committed and repeated many barbaric crimes and still having made a conscious genocidal propaganda against vaccination?

Ortega y Gasset defended the debatable thesis that "man is an animal for which only the superfluous is necessary", that is, man's needs are not "natural", but artificial and technique is above all "the production of the superfluous". ”. Rightly or wrongly, the philosopher's speech points to the possibilities of barbarism when the technique released in space, without the control of ethics and common sense, starts to reign induced by madness.

The violence and illegalities committed by President Jair Bolsonaro began long before his government. It was a long period in which he was the protagonist of a series of absurd legal violations, capable of reaching a significant part of the “dominated” and the “dominant” in society's class hierarchy. Thousands of people were waiting for a leader to solve their most urgent demands, both among the dominated and the dominant, as they wanted a quick response to the lethargy of liberal democracy, already considered inept both to solve their most immediate needs and to have a dignified life in safety.

The dominant sectors – middle and upper – wanted an answer to overcome what they understood as labor and tax obstacles that, in their feeling, blocked accumulation or prevented their survival in oligopolistic markets. The entire population, however, suffered from the rise of criminality and in vast metropolitan areas, organized crime was already rivaling the State in controlling territories. Among all the questions, one of them, the one that crossed all classes, was the “key” to the success of the fascist methods of the extreme right in doing politics. Both among the most unprotected and disinherited layers of the people, as well as among the richest sectors of the population: public security.

Let me explain: politics, contrary to disputes between animals over territory or food, is essentially a human mediation, which restricts animality and the need for extinction of the adverse, so that the strongest survives. And it requires rituals and institutions that oblige political subjects to deal with the “whole”, without quickly taking care of the immediate problems of each of the unique individuals, who never consider themselves within an undifferentiated collective, which would be part of the “public interest”.

In this way, the application of a medium and long-term “public policy”, which does not pay attention to the immediate aspects of common life, leads one to think that the hardest impulses in life can only be answered “outside” of democratic rituals. Its complexities and delays generate a whirlwind of anxieties and mistrust in its recipients, especially when its previously elitist territories, universities, airports, collective leisure spaces, public roads are already crowded with poor people's cars.

It is on these consequences that the spirit of fascism, formalized in a doctrine or expanded through moral messages of the traditional media and digital networks, is that fascism prospered. The end of politics, the end of democracy, the insistence that corruption is a siamese of politics and other apparent beatitudes, which bring people closer to their ancestral biological animality, began to standardize conduct, promise quick solutions and standardize expectations to make everything simpler and fast: without politics and therefore without corruption.

For this to be possible, it is necessary to put an end to the mediations that characterize politics and work, without shame, to have death as a traveling companion for a decent society. This is the central message of fascism, which is based on myths and destroys democratic sociality. The victory of mythical thought does not contradict common sense, but is supported by it, enhancing the “impression” that overcoming the misfortune of human beings is not in history, but resides in a sum of everyday mistakes that are perverted by politics.

In common sense, breaking the boundaries between life and death is acceptable when the environment is one of war and the safety of the individual and the family group is at the disposal of crime and hunger. The climate of war is the climate that naturalizes the death of those who interrupt the action of the myth, which ordinarily cultivates their mental disorders and their sociopathy in calling for the extinction of the enemy and political institutions, where supposedly shelter from evil resides.

When Jair Bolsonaro started to promote necrophilic gestures and speeches, whose peak was accepted in the Hebrew Society, in which a small part of one of the most martyred communities in modern history – under the protests and horror of its majority – the Captain emerged as a “myth ” and won, consecrating, from then on, the same techniques and political practices that promoted the Holocaust. There are no more opponents, there are only enemies to be killed by weapons.

The sincere opposition to fascism in our country could teach a historic lesson in democratic dignity and common sense, to the evildoers who want to continue governing the nation, making – a week before the election – a great political agreement on governance and governability, defeating Jair Bolsonaro in the first turn, united around the strongest name to win and lead the nation to the democratic and social destiny that our people deserve. It's on time! It is democratic wisdom against fascism's death policy.

*Tarsus in law he was governor of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, mayor of Porto Alegre, Minister of Justice, Minister of Education and Minister of Institutional Relations in Brazil. Author, among other books, of possible utopia (Arts & Crafts).


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