The Palestinian tragedy

Gaza area bombed by Israel / Reproduction Telegram


Israel's obsessive fanaticism to drive the notion of a “crime against humanity” to entirely new levels would fit well within the definition of an “epidemic social illness.”

At this moment, whoever is profiting from the horrible Palestinian tragedy has already been fully established. As it stands, we have three triumphs for the Hegemon and a triumph for his aircraft carrier nation in West Asia.

The first favored party is the Partido da Guerra Ltda., a gigantic North American bipartisan scam. The White House's $106 billion supplemental request to Congress for "assistance" (especially to Ukraine and Israel) is manna from heaven for the armed tentacles of MICIMATT (military-industrial-Congress-intelligence-media-academia-complex).think tanks, in the legendary definition of Ray McGovern).

The laundry will work at full speed, digesting 61,4 billion dollars for Ukraine (more weapons and replenishment of stocks in the United States) and 14,3 billion dollars for Israel (especially for “support” for air and anti-missile defense) .

The second favorite is the Democratic Party, which had been engineering an unavoidable change in the narrative of the resoundingly failed Ukraine Project. This, however, will only postpone the next NATO humiliation of 2024, which will lower the Afghan humiliation to the level of children's sandbox play.

The favored third party is already setting West Asia on fire: the psychopathic “strategy” Straussian neoconservative, conceived as a response to the upcoming BRICS 11, which is already showing signs in the direction of Eurasian integration, as glimpsed last week, at the Belt and Road Forum, in Beijing – which includes almost 100 billion dollars in new projects infrastructure/development.

Finally, the project sponsored by the genocidal Zionist maniacs ended up remarkably turbocharged: a final solution to the Palestinian question, which combines devastated land in Gaza, exodus to Egypt, the West Bank converted into a concentration cage and, to top it off, a “Judeification of Al-Aqsa”, consummated with the eschatological destruction of the third holiest place in Islam, to be replaced by the reconstruction of the Third Jewish Temple.

Of course, everything is interconnected. Vast sectors of the North American deep state, together with the “combo Joe Biden”, managed by neoconservatives, can take advantage of the new bonanza shoulder to shoulder with the Israeli deep state; one who takes refuge in a bubble protected by the massive barrage of propaganda, which demonizes any and all support for the Palestinian drama.

There is a problem, however. This sacred alliance has just lost – perhaps without remedy – the overwhelming majority of the Global South/Global Majority, which is viscerally pro-Palestine. Especially educated Palestinian citizens living in Gaza and suffering during the unspeakable, fiercely denounce the ambiguous roles played by Egypt, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, while praising Russia, Iran and, among Arab nations, Qatar, the Algeria and Yemen.

All of the above reveals a clear continuity with the end of the Soviet Union. Washington refused to dissolve NATO in 1990, to protect the immense profits from the warlike tentacles of MICIMATT. The logical consequence was the Hegemon and NATO acting in partnership, as a kind of Global Robocop, in the killing of at least four and a half million people in West Asia and the displacement of more than 40 million; and then the slaughter, by proxy, of at least half a million in Ukraine, displacing another 10 million. And telling.

In sharp contrast to the Empire of chaos, lies, and plunder, the Global South/Global Majority sees, at the center of the “current nexus of universal history,” the emergence of what a sophisticated Chinese scholar elegantly described as an “aristocratic camaraderie.” (“aristocratic bromance”). We owe the first evidence to Vladimir Putin himself, when he commented: “I can't praise Xi Jinping, because it would be as if I were praising myself, and that would be an embarrassing thing”. Yes: Putin and Xi – those “evil autocrats”, for Atlanticist totalitarian liberals – are close friends and, strictly speaking, soulmates. This leads our Chinese scholar to recognize not only the deepening mutual understanding between these leaders, but also the increasingly complex nexuses between the last three sovereign civilization-states: China, Russia and Iran.

Our Chinese intellectual seeks to show that Putin and Xi, in addition to “having practically the same reading of geopolitical reality”, are “the leaders of two of the three sovereignties” and see themselves as “willing and able to act with the required correctness” to stop the hegemonic matrix: “They have the understanding, the vision, the tools of power, the will and, at this moment, the favorable circumstances, which allow them to place clear and definitive limits on the pretensions arising from the establishment Anglo-Zionist-American”. Thus, it is no wonder that they are feared, despised and described as “existential threats” to “Western civilization”.

Dmitry Medvedev, vice-chairman of the Russian Security Council, with his eyes on the Realpolitik, a much more blunt assessment is allowed: “Led by the United States, the world is heading inexorably towards a bottomless abyss. His decisions clearly demonstrate not only an irreversible mental deterioration, but also the loss of any remaining remnants of consciousness. These decisions, both the most significant and the smallest, appear to be flagrant symptoms of an epidemic social illness.”

Israel’s obsessive fanaticism to drive the notion of “crime against humanity” to entirely new levels would fit well within the definition of an “epidemic social illness.” Or something worse. Tel Aviv embarked on a course of erasing any cultural, religious and civil footprint in northern Gaza, destroying it to the ground, expelling its residents and, finally, annexing it. All of this legitimized, in full, by the “rules-based international order” and its humble vassals.

It is instructive, however, to compare the Israeli dream of a final solution with the facts on the ground. So, let us recall Lieutenant General Andrey Gurulev, member of the Russian State Duma (Parliament) Commission for the review of federal budget expenditures on national defense, security and law enforcement, as well as member of the Defense Commission of the same Duma.

Here are Andrey Gurulev’s key observations: “Israeli bombings have no military effect. (…) The armed contingents of Palestine are in shelters, while civilians are dying in residential buildings. We went through this in Syria, when [in west] Damascus, for example, they sat in underground tunnels and only came out when necessary. Hamas prepared 100%. It was not without reason that they did so. They have reserves of weapons and food. (…) The Israelis appear in columns of tanks, in infantry fighting vehicles. What do you expect? They are waiting for drones fly over their heads? We experienced this during the Special Military Operation [in Ukraine]. Tanks in urban areas are virtually ineffective.”

“The Americans are trying to drag the Middle East into war. Apparently, they decided not to just remain ceremoniously with Israel. In that case, the harm to Israel would be unacceptable.”

“Regarding the two aircraft carrier groups in the Mediterranean. On board these ships, according to my calculations, there are approximately 750-800 Tomahawk missiles, capable of covering a reasonable portion of the territory of the Russian Federation. (…) Our President immediately decided to put Mig-31, equipped with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, into combat readiness. For some reason, everyone imagines that a plane with a Kinzhal will fly somewhere, will fly along the Black Sea, but everything has a much more global dimension. Firstly, it involves the use of all reconnaissance systems interconnected into a single information system, with the issuing of target-specific instructions for control points. If an aircraft enters Black Sea airspace, it must have a support echelon that protects it from enemy air attacks, air defense systems and everything else. This is a global set of measures to deter the American aggressor and make him think twice before attacking the territory of the Russian Federation. In front of us are two groups of aircraft carriers, equipped to the teeth, capable of hitting targets on the territory of our country. Should we just stand here and pick our noses? We must react, as usual.”

“If the entire Middle East is drawn into war and aircraft carrier groups try to attack Iran's territory, Iran will not remain silent. They have targets already defined, all critical objects. And they will attack them in different ways, with the Iron Dome and everything else.”

Pentagon analysts certainly understand what Andrey Gurulev is saying. But not the Straussian neoconservative psychopaths. As the “thick black cloud descends,” to recall Bob Dylan, it is always enlightening to pay close attention to the genuine voices of experience.

Let us therefore turn to Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, 98 years old (no, not Henry Kissinger!). He has spent his entire adult life in politics, most of it as Prime Minister of a very important nation (Malaysia); he knows all the world leaders very well, including the current ones from the United States and Israel; and at this advanced stage of life, you fear nothing and you have nothing to lose. Dr. Mahathir gets straight to the point: “The crux of the matter is that all of these atrocities committed by Israel against the Palestinians stem from American support for Tel Aviv. If the American government had withdrawn its support for Israel and stopped all military aid to the regime, Israel would not have carried out the genocide and mass murder of Palestinians with impunity. The United States government needs to be honest and tell the truth. Israel and its armed forces are the terrorists. The United States openly supports terrorists. So what is the United States?”

It makes no sense to ask that of those currently directing American foreign policy. They would barely be able to contain the foam that would come out of their mouths.

*Pepe Escobar is a journalist. Author, among other books, of Empire of Chaos (Nimble Books).

Translation: Ricardo Cavalcanti-Schiel.

Originally published on the Strategic Culture Foundation.

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