Undersigned: Amnesty never again

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Movement in favor of the installation of a people's court and the demilitarization of the Brazilian State

Brazil created its impasses through forgetting. As if not talking, not judging, not elaborating, could guarantee us some form of peace. It has been like this at various times in its history, creating a veritable repetition compulsion. Colonial violence was never the object of due elaboration. Likewise, the violence of the military dictatorship was silenced through an amnesty that, far from being the result of some “national agreement”, was the result of an imposition by the military themselves and the convenience of their civilian allies. This is a country of silence.

Only now it is clear to anyone who wants to see that this silence costs us dearly. It costs our future. For a country that ignores the power of history, justice and reparation condemns itself to be forever chained to its own past. He can never see the past pass, because here there is no mourning, there is no deceit, there is no accountability.

From the beginning of 2023, the country will gain time to strengthen itself in the face of the clashes to come. The Brazilian extreme right, supported by the resurrection of national fascism, has demonstrated enormous strength and, contrary to the magical thinking of some, will not disappear. Combating it involves naming its crimes and demanding truth and justice. The country can no longer tolerate an extorted pact, nor does it deserve another farce of this nature.

The same people who were not held accountable for the crimes perpetrated by the military dictatorship returned to “manage” the country in one of its most dramatic moments, namely, in the face of the global pandemic that took at least 700 people among us. That terrifying number was not a fatality, but the result of criminal negligence and atrocious indifference. What happened between us was a state crime and must be treated as such. Therefore, we call everyone to fight for the installation of a People's Court whose function is to force public debate and action by the new government.

This action must be accompanied by another, as urgent as necessary. Therefore, this call is also for us to join forces and demand the immediate demilitarization of the Brazilian State. This means both the removal of the military from decision-making and state administration and the removal of the entire leadership of the military command involved with the previous government. Let them all go into reserve. Over the past four years, the military has continually blackmailed Brazilian society, with threats of a coup and direct interventions in national political processes. This cannot go unpunished. In a democracy, the military does not exist politically. They do not speak, do not act and do not intervene under any circumstances. One of the biggest aberrations of the 1988 Constitution was to define the armed forces as “guardians of order”. In a real democracy, who defends society is society itself and does not need any force outside itself to do so. It's time to defend ourselves against our "defenders".

We invite everyone to this double fight. Let us clearly show what we no longer accept and consolidate an offensive force that forces those who govern us to end, once and for all, the spiral of silence that has marked our country until today.

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