After all, what is Lula's fault?

Image: Tejas Prajapati

By LORENZO Stained Glass*

The former president made the best government for the people, and the Brazilian ruling class does not forgive this

It is now widely publicized that Sérgio Moro and the Lava-Jato gang forged a criminal case against Lula, which begins with the cheated definition of the appropriate forum, in the case of the triplex apartment in Santos, which will end up in the federal court of Curitiba! even the famous sentence by Moro pearled with the phrase “indeterminate official acts” that was used as evidence against the former president.

The collaboration of other courts in the farce, which everyone was convinced of, would need to be further investigated since it is the entire Brazilian judicial system that is at stake. The political reasons for the judicial farce, which were also clear from the beginning, bequeathed us the humanitarian tragedy, in all sectors of the lives of Brazilians, in which we find ourselves. This will be the narrative that will go down in history, with the chance that other illegitimate and illegal acts by the Curitiba crowd will appear that reserve them an even worse role in the political history of our country.

The fact that the STF decided for Sérgio Moro's partiality and the recent decision of the UN Human Rights Committee, based in Geneva, which also points to the former judge's partiality, functioned as a sieve of legitimacy for the decision taken, above all, when that Other who imposes the law from the outside is the UN, unsuspected of being infested with PT members.

However, Moro and part of the press, such as the journalist from Globo news Maria Beltrão, insist on the idea that the finding of an illegal process does not prove the innocence of the former president. Lawyer Marco Aurélio de Carvalho, coordinator of the Prerogativas group, dismantles the aforementioned fallacy by mentioning a truism: in Brazil, anyone who is not guilty is innocent, that is, there is a presumption of innocence and not guilt.

We come to the point we would like to comment on: the assumption behind the media and judicial persecution of Lula is that he is guilty. After all, what is Lula's fault? Now, despite the sweeping made by federal policy in Lula's life, in the lives of his family members (including that of Lulinha, the alleged owner of Friboi, and that of his 4-year-old grandson, who had a laptop seized by the feds), it was not possible to find the millions or billions, farms, etc. that Lula would have stolen.

A very different situation from many of the other politicians, whose assistants were filmed with suitcases of money; who have accounts in Switzerland, farms in the north of Minas Gerais; whose family participates in cracks and has a real estate empire, etc. These, however, do not seem to be attributed guilt or concern to carry out diligences or investigations. After all, what is Lula's fault?

It's simple: it's the fact that he arrived from the Northeast on a macaw stick, that he was a worker and that he dared to carry out, despite insufficiencies and valid criticism, the best government that Brazil has ever had. It's about resuming the classics of someone from the slave quarters having sat in the dining room of the big house. In Brazil, this is unforgivable. It's like the world is turned upside down. It is a real that the privileged classes cannot symbolize. It is a real that will always be the cause of great discomfort. He will thus be eternally guilty.

*Lorenzo stained glass Professor of Linguistics at the Faculty of Letters at UFMG.


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