Still about the President of the UNE

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Comment on the article by Rodrigo de Carvalho

A PCdoB leader took the time to respond at length to the comment I made here on Facebook – and which was reproduced on the site the earth is round – about the president of the UNE. The answer makes the defense of the “broad front” and it misses my main question, which is the strangeness of the distance between how much the UNE has been out of date and how much Folha de S. Paul has given prominence to its president.

She complains that I do not pay attention to the offenses suffered by her, but I am careful to point out my criticism of the Sheet, which speaks generically of aggression but, when it exemplifies, it is to denounce criticism – acidic, but no more than that – made by Zé de Abreu and the PCO.

In short, it seems that the president of UNE adapts to the position of tool of the press to feed the idea of ​​“intolerance of the left” – of which Zé de Abreu and the PCO are the permanent emblems. Several times they give reasons for this, it is true, but not in this case. All of this smacks of a “two extremes” speech essay. I think a person in her position would be able to see the maneuver and avoid participating.

The curious thing is that the PCdoB leader's text begins (in an indignant tone) and ends (in a mocking tone) with the accusation that I am horribly disrespectful to the president of the UNE, because I misspelled her name in the title of the article.

Well, the title is not my responsibility. It was the site that put it on. As always in such cases.

But I really misspelled her last name in my text here on Facebook. I ate a letter. The columnist says that this is a great demonstration of contempt and that I would not misspell the name of one of my students.

I've certainly got students' names wrong many times. As far as I know, none of them thought it was a mortal sin. When they point out the error, I apologize and correct it. I know for sure that students often misspell my name. Today, I don't even run anymore. Not just students. If I won a real each time my Luis appears as Luiz or my Felipe as Filipe, I would already be rich.

I don't know if the president of UNE is as sensitive to the issue as her defender, but, in any case, I apologize to her for the misspelled name. I already corrected it in my post.

For the rest, the criticisms I make are all upheld.

Luis Felipe Miguel He is a professor at the Institute of Political Science at UnB. Author, among other books, of The collapse of democracy in Brazil (Popular Expression).

Text reproduced from the author's Facebook page.


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