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The despicable needs to pay for his countless crimes against the Brazilian population

What an immense relief that we don’t have to hear – I hope never again – “President Bolsonaro”.

We all remember that, in 2018, we wrote and shouted – in the streets, squares and windows – “Ele Não”, so we wouldn’t have to pronounce the name of the unnameable (with my apologies for the redundancy).

But we could not imagine, then, that more than 694 people would die as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, according to data updated by the National Council of Health Secretaries, CONASS. A significant part of these nearly 700 deaths could have been avoided, had it not been for the negligence of the federal government regarding the pandemic.

We could not have known that the tragedy would be even greater, much greater than we supposed, with the destruction of the State and public policies in their most diverse dimensions. And more, with the destruction of Brazil, as so much has already been said, written and demonstrated. We live (survive), in recent years, in sinister, disastrous times.

Still during the 2018 election campaign, I thought: if he wins – as it was and was possible – we will be obliged to hear and read his name (and see his face, his expressions, and hear his voice) all every day for a long time. It was four years of horror, of despair, of one of the most nefarious governments and one of the most deleterious periods in Brazilian history – marked, as we know so well, by the genocide of native populations, by slavery and by various oligarchic and/or authoritarian governments.

The unspeakable did not stay in Brazil to witness the inauguration of his successor. He fled to Orlando (Florida, United States), where perhaps he feels more comfortable and protected, surrounded by fantasy and illusionist parks.

The wretched and scoundrels act thus, quite in accordance with their vileness and cowardice.

But the despicable must pay for his countless crimes against the Brazilian population. Perhaps he will still manage to be elected, again, by the extreme right electorate in Rio de Janeiro, federal deputy or senator. The future will tell...

In any case, your absence from the country is a huge relief.

*Katia Gerab Baggio Professor of History of the Americas at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG).


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