Anitta and the sertanejos

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More Anitta, less Zé Neto. More Lula, less Bolsonaro. More intelligence, less stupidity

In the late 1970s, the beginning of the end of the dictatorship, when the Brazilian LGBT movement began to crawl, one of the coolest slogans propagated by that new activism was the simple one: “anal sex brings down capital”. It was during this period that many of the claims and flags that the movement brings to this day: against violence, against pathologization, for broad sexual and gender freedom. All of us who fight for sexual and reproductive rights, for human rights, for equality, for the recognition of diversity, against sexism, homophobia and transphobia, know the strength of repressive discourses in general and the great ban on anal sex in particular.

Behold, in the middle of the year of grace 2022, in this Brazil governed by the neo-fascist – the political-ideological cultural war would condense into a mouth-to-mouth between a certain mediocre sertaneja duo (Zé Neto and Cristiano) in opposition to the greatest national pop artist (Anitta).

“Our fee is paid by the people. We don't need to get a tattoo on the 'toba' to show whether we are good or bad.” Repetition pure and simple fake news Bolsonarists against the Rouanet Law plus sexism and prejudice. All in one shot, in the middle of the show. Trick installed.

So. The geniuses drew attention to the key issue of funding. Who pays the bill? The crowd followed. The guys' house fell quickly.

In the show in which they criticized Anitta, the duo had pocketed R$ 400 in fees from the municipality of Sorriso, in Mato Grosso, a city with less than 100 inhabitants. The media went after raising the schemes. The fastest in the group, Gusttavo Lima, another Bolsonarist, received R$800.000 to sing in the gigantic and prosperous city of São Luiz, in Roraima, which has 8.500 inhabitants. Yes, that's right!

Magé, a town with less than 250 inhabitants, located in the Baixada Fluminense region, will celebrate its 457th birthday on the 9th of June. An event that obviously demands grandiose celebrations. Our talented Gustavo was hired to do a little show there. Considering everything, the star's team made a nice discount: it only charged one million and four thousand reais from the city hall.

From Belo Horizonte to Conceição do Mato Dentro it is 167 km. The tiny town has about 18 inhabitants. He hired the friendly Simone and Simaria to brighten up his civic parties – a measly R$520, the same amount that the “genius” Bruno and Marrone will be entitled to at such a party (among other payments).

It was fun watching the super Gusttavo Lima (he writes his own name with these two you have), almost crying on social networks – pretending to be poor, persecuted. He swears that he never benefited from public funds. Imagine if it had!

Anitta, in addition to being a pop diva, is politicized, tuned in, a militant engaged against Bolsonaro. I don't know if he has already declared his support for Lula, but everything indicates that he will be with us in this battle.

While this bunch of reactionary men who make alienating music, in bad taste, supporters of neo-fascism think they rule the country, we are resisting from the edges.

More Anitta, less Zé Neto. More Lula, less Bolsonaro. More intelligence, less bullshit.

* Julian Rodrigues is a professor and journalist, LGBTI and human rights activist.


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