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Capitalist sociability in Brazil has been demonstrating that the well has no end

“Bob Jeff” managed to achieve six wanted stars by performing a very misunderstood character, aiming to represent a supposed hero of “free speech”, wanting to become a form of martyr for mediocre reactionaries. Not a farce of the tragedy, but the farce of the farce.

Capitalist society continues building its complete degeneration and decay, all its social complexes are failing and melting into thin air, to the point that the characters who are placed in the main scene of the theater are so caricatured, so degraded, that they express so much a “ content" completely emptied and a "form" devoid of any sophistication or refinement, appear to society as an aberration, a beast, a seven-headed dragon, which unfortunately is far from being an isolated case, but rather its opposite. : the expression of the absolute spirit of our time, the Zeitgeist of our “Age”. An “Era” in which the unusual and the comic are intertwined, constituting themselves as a unit of diverse, as asserted by Kafka. Perversity, bestiality and monstrosity are so absurd that they reach the level of interdependence with picturesque comicity raised to the nth power: humorous, tragicomic shades of grey.

Capitalist sociability in Brazil has been demonstrating that the well has no end, we are falling non-stop and the only way to stop this incessant barbarization of Brazilian social life is to be on the streets, in the concrete spaces of the proletariat struggle, in the class struggle, barring the reactionary movement in all locus, in addition to removing Jair Bolsonaro from the government this October 30th.

However, that alone is not enough, since Jair Bolsonaro is just the tip of the iceberg, as mentioned elsewhere: capitalism and all its institutions are in the process of total defenestration. Therefore, it is not enough to put a stop to reactionaryism, we will have to be capable of a much higher undertaking: uniting for the collective construction of a new world, a new society; fair, free, egalitarian, solidary, communitarian, without explorations and oppressions.

I invite everyone to reflect and join this fight for the new world, which is not only possible, but a necessary fight to escape the social hell in which we live. As Karl Marx said: capitalism made Dante's inferno look like a chip.

PS1: After this serious action by Roberto Jefferson, it is necessary that all of us, humanists, redouble our attention and our care among ourselves. We cannot doubt that their bestiality can serve as an example for reactionaries to repeat these things, as they were encouraged by this "example". You can't be too careful, the class struggle deepens and our lives are at stake and in check. However, even with the current extreme difficulties, we will win, because it has never been easy for us, to a lesser or greater degree, our lives have always been at stake, since Portugal invaded our lands and colonized us.

PS2: If it was in a favela, what would the police do? There's the doubt...

*Caique de Oliveira Sobreira Cruz is a Master's student in Social Policies and Citizenship at the Catholic University of Salvador.


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