Brazil – authoritarian project versus democratic project

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No one can remain neutral and indifferent to this threat, as they would become accomplices in the socio-ecological tragedy that could occur.

Never in our history have we run such a threatening risk as the one we are taking on the occasion of the elections on October 30th. There is an authoritarian project in Brazil, with a fascist bias that can dismantle our most precious assets, cultural and natural, such as the Amazon rainforest and our biodiversity. It is characteristic of fascism to manipulate and distort religion, family and morals, in such a way that they directly contradict the values ​​preached by Jesus and loved by God, always quoted by these fanatical people who have him on their lips, but not in their hearts. In this nefarious project, hatred, lies and division prevail, produced within families and in the circle of friends. It has allowed the purchase of thousands of weapons, exalts torture and proposes to eliminate opponents.

Another is presented, the project of a democratic Brazil, assumed by a broad and democratic front, which, aware of the imminent risk, united parties, formerly opposed, celebrities from science, arts, religion and popular leaders. This project for Brazil is founded on democracy, freedoms, respect for human rights and nature. It gives centrality to life, starting with the 33 million hungry and about 100 million with food insufficiency. Despite a concentrating and bankrupt neoliberal economy, it seeks to create job opportunities, take care of health, education, culture, security and leisure for all.

No one can remain neutral and indifferent to this threat, as they would become an accomplice in the socio-ecological tragedy that could occur. It is a question of the country's survival as a nation, avoiding regression to pure and simple barbarism.

We trust in the common sense of voters in the decision for the most hopeful project. We also count on God, the “passionate lover of life” as the Scriptures say, and on the patroness of Brazil, the black Nossa Senhora Aparecida.

Nothing surpasses the intrinsic strength of love and care for each other and for Mother Earth. Our people's ability to discern and common sense will make them choose the best project in Brazil and guarantee a promising future for all, in the commitment to social justice, peace and the joyful celebration of life.

*Leonardo Boff, ecologist, philosopher and writer, is a member of the International Commission of the Earth Charter. Author, among other books, of Brazil: complete the refoundation or extend the dependency (Vozes).


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