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Let us remember that we, men and women, are part of the environment and that it has been annihilated by the president and his petty government every day.

The other day a friend sent an email and asked: what was the greatest tragedy in the history of Brazil?

I didn't hesitate in answering and wrote in all caps: GOVERNMENT BOLSONARO.

A government responsible for more than 69 thousand deaths, for the neglect and lack of compassion with which it treats the coronavirus pandemic and deliberately practices eugenics, to the four winds, is the greatest tragedy in the history of Brazil.

Is there a lot of surprise in that?

Let us remember that we, men and women, are part of the environment and that it has been annihilated by the president and his petty government with each passing day.

In reality, the one who said he was going to let the herd pass for environmental devastation, before being elected and during his campaign, was the president and not his Minister of the Environment, who only opened the gate for the herd. And yet they voted for him, based on fake news criminal activities as, recently, more than demonstrated and proven.

As the president and his team are always working to divert attention from the serious daily problems that the majority of the population goes through, now the ball of the moment is the president's alleged contamination by the coronavirus.

This will earn a lot of space in the media and is all these “studied” people want most. Being treated like sponge cake in the palace, with a 24-hour medical team, is easy. I want to see a strong rooster crow in Rocinha, in Rio de Janeiro, or in Paraisópolis, in São Paulo, with no security and no militia nearby.

For this reason, little is said about other tragedies that occurred during the administration of the BOLSONARO GOVERNMENT, such as mining in Brumadinho, land grabbing with criminal fires in the Amazon and sabotage with the oil spill on the coasts of northeastern Brazil, just to name a few. best known.

Remember that?

Furthermore, as we know, indigenous populations are the most vulnerable to infection by the coronavirus. And what does the president do for them? With a refinement of evil, he simply vetoed the text that Congress had approved, disavowing the federal government, among other things, to provide drinking water and hospital beds to the Indians, which would be, at least, what one would expect from a humanitarian government. .

In this dreadful, dantesque scenario, what can we expect from now on in the short term? An impeachment of the president or the removal of the military-presidential ticket?

Time is running very fast and we need to see the harbor to give meaning, security and some hope to our lives.

“Port pier / Have pity on me / It's already day, not even a trace / It won't be a port pier / That little light that goes off and on in the distance / Signaling who knows for me” (excerpt from Cais do Porto by Inezita Barroso) .

* Heraldo Campos He holds a PhD in Sciences from the Institute of Geosciences at the University of São Paulo (USP).

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