The channel the earth is round It is a space for publishing interviews, debates and videos produced by the website with the aim of contributing to public intervention by intellectuals, academics and social movement activists. You can go directly to our YouTube channel by clicking here.

In our conversation with VLADIMIR SAFATLE, inspired by his new book Alphabet of collisions, we deal with the challenges and crises of the contemporary world and the tasks of a practical philosophy at its height
In this episode of the A Terra é Redonda interview program, we talk to Ricardo Musse about Karl Marx and the relevance of his works as a fundamental reference for understanding capitalism; we discuss what Marxism is, its insertion in the public sphere and in the cultural debate
In conversation with André Singer, we discuss the global crisis of democracy and capitalism and their relationship with neoliberalism. We reflect on the interregnum that was created with the 2008 crisis and on possible alternatives for the future, especially that represented by Joe Biden. We talk about Brazil, the autocratism with a fascist bias of Bolsonarism, the Lulista conciertación in the 2022 elections and the importance of the spending cap for the Lula government and for democracy
In the second part of Marilena Chauí's interview we talk about philosophy, Espinosa, public university, Luíza Erundina city hall, PT and the 2024 elections
In the first part of the interview with Marilena Chauí, we talked about his understanding of Brazil as an authoritarian society, which led us to the themes of green-yellowism and the national myth. We deal with neoliberalism and its totalitarian aspect, elaborating its relationship with Bolsonarism.
we talked to Rodrigo Nunes about the melancholy of the left, the lessons learned from the global cycle of political mobilizations of the 2010s, about June 2013, the advance of the extreme right and the possible answers to the challenges of the contemporary world.
In this episode of the website's interview program, we talk to Alysson Mascaro about Marxism, the relationship between state and capitalism, about the role of the judiciary in Brazilian coups, fascism and also about socialist centers.
In the second episode of the interview program on the website A Terra é Redonda, we talked to Christian Dunker on the relationship between psychoanalysis and social criticism, his studies on social pathologies, neoliberalism as a manager of psychic suffering and we discussed Brazil and its social symptoms.
Inaugurating the website's video channel, in the first episode of the interview program we talked to Paulo Arantes about the impasses of the formation, the present and the future of Brazil.