Letter to João Doria

Sculpture José Resende / Praça da Sé, S.Paulo, SP photo A. Saggese


Bolsonaro cannot continue to govern, the State is deteriorating and his bet on “the worse the better” only favors the assailants of chaos

Dear Governor João Doria:

I am writing to you in the midst of three political events, which allow me to think that this letter is opportune. I obviously do not have the political credentials to propose any political alliance to you, nor is this my intention with this message that I make public. Alliances worthy of the name are formed around programs and I don't think that would be feasible between us, on the one hand because I have little convening power, on the other because we think differently about many essential things, except - probably - about the evils of all kinds, that President Bolsonaro has provided to the Federation and to all our people.

The President's negationist policy, his medieval ideological positions and his lassitude – as a manager and ruler – whose main appetite is only expressed in the madness of the immeasurable nonsense he says every day and in the aggressions he promotes at all hours of the day, both for good and for good reason. sense as to the very republican dignity of the country.

The first political event I referred to at the beginning of this letter was his manifestation – practically jointly with President Lula – that the union in the fight against the Pandemic precedes all other political issues in the conjuncture; the second event is the hatred exuded by the demented fascist base of the President, which has been directed at the Lord in a sordidly special way; the third is the recording of a video by President Bolsonaro – widely disseminated on the networks – where he commits at least three crimes, when reporting to the Lord: defamation, the first; threatens (against his person) the second; and calling for the organization of Militias (formation of politicized gangs), the third, which constitutes a direct threat to the Democratic Rule of Law.

The set of these manifestations, already “naturalized” in the country, constitutes yet another crime of responsibility of the President of the Republic, whose unfitness for the position has already exceeded all limits.

The “putrefaction of the State”, Mr. Governor, it can occur when the conflicting parties, at a given moment in history, do not have enough strength to carry out the control of power – democratically or not – and the permanent “defeat” between the political forces leads the State organisms to a slow disintegration, until the crisis is resolved by chaos, which comes from inertia.

This is the situation in the country, not only because of the division between the forces that formed different blocs, after the illegal deposition of President Dilma, as well as between all those forces – previously united – and the social and political opposition formed by the left and the center -left. None of these forces has the possibility of commanding, at the moment, the constitutional overthrow of the Government, by impeachment of the President: inertia consolidates and the State becomes seriously ill.

Churchill said that the pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity and the optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty and, even more: that a demagogue moves thinking about the next elections and a statesman does it thinking about the next generations. In this complex situation that the country is experiencing, we need a great gesture that, if it does not come from the bloc that overthrew the President of Dilma – from the part that is at odds with the emerging fascism – could come too late, when the opposition gathers forces for us to be subjects beginners of this process.

Due to his position as Governor of the most important State in the country, in which its dominant classes have exercised almost full tutelage, for many years, Mr. today holds the necessary legitimacy to – through due legal processes – unbalance the game against Bolsonaro. He could gather around him significant support from the country's most privileged and wealthy business community, to defend his State from denialist barbarism and – by extension – also help the country: Bolsonaro cannot continue to govern, the State is deteriorating and his bet in “the worse the better” only favors the assailants of chaos.

Knowing the history of his father, Deputy João Doria of the Christian Democratic Party of the 64's (which has little to do with a good part of the so-called Christians today) I think he would be proud of an attitude like the one I suggest to him, worthy of a Head of State: initiate an “impeachment” in defense of the nation.

His father, like mine, was impeached in the early days of the 64 Coup, and we – like his moral and “blood” descendants – took different paths. One on the left, one on the right, but nothing prevents us from talking about – at least by letter – composing a unitary moment of damage reduction, aiming to rid the country of its true Satan, as Governor Flávio Dino said, referring to the current President.

Hundreds of networked political organizations in the country seek the paths of unity, in a territory disarmed of their republican dignity, in which they trace the difficult paths for the political and economic regeneration of the nation. On the 18th, we will begin – Instituto Novos Paradigmas, Instituto Declatra (Defense of the Working Class) and DDF (Democracy and Fundamental Rights) another one of these debates between great leaders of the left and center-left in the country. It is for us to seek a common path, which will not be composed without the constitutional overthrow of Satan in the jam that plagues us: gather your team, Governor, and respond – as Head of State – to the offenses he has inflicted on you. For São Paulo and for Brazil.

Respectfully. Tarsus Geno.

*Tarsus in law he was Governor of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Mayor of Porto Alegre, Minister of Justice, Minister of Education and Minister of Institutional Relations in Brazil.


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