Letter to a Bolsonarist

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The chance to find the “good person” you think you are has a date: October 30

Brazilian democracy lacks time to develop a culture that does not privilege private rights, to the detriment of collective rights. The hiatus explains why denialists refused to take the vaccine, in the pandemic. Thus, they put the health of the population at risk, in addition to raising distrust of scientifically tested immunizers. Skepticism now reaches other vaccination campaigns (polio, smallpox, measles).

Roberto Jefferson took the concept of individual freedom to the extreme, in the version of civil disobedience typical of a Bolsonarist: with rifle shots and grenades against police officers who were serving the arrest warrant of the Judiciary. The reaction follows the Kit fanatical attacks on republican institutions. But you do not care.

It is difficult to respect someone who is silent when praising torturers and militiamen, as well as encouraging racist, sexist, misogynistic and homophobic violence. Incomprehensible brutalities even in the First Testament; imagine not Second Will biblical, which celebrates the God of love and mercy. Impossible to reconcile so many cowardices and prejudices with the teachings of Jesus. A Christian would never say, “I prefer a dead child to a dead child. gay”. He would naturalize absurdity, he would be a Pharisee hypocrite, a simulacrum of a father. Intolerance is brutal. But you look like a landscape.

It is widely known that a media-judicial collusion pretexted corruption to destroy national engineering companies and prepare for the privatization of Petrobras and the pre-salt layer, serving the interests of large US corporations. National interests and popular sovereignty were defrauded by the deceitful prosecutor and partial judge. Both elected, respectively, to the Federal Chamber and the Senate. The polls measured the advanced degree of degeneration of the social fabric. Financial rent, unprotected work, and competition among workers have undermined the classic structures of capitalism itself. But you believe in Mises above all else.

Despite the “cracks” in the cabinets and the “cracks” in the secret parliamentary budget; the cash purchase of 51 properties and the 100-year secrecy of spending on the presidential corporate card; it is not by chance that today the family in power is joined by false former agents of justice. The anti-corruption argument had a political purpose. Philosopher Márcia Tiburi speaks of brainwashing in the middle class and blames Lava Jato and the media. Economist Márcio Pochmann considers that the causes lie in deindustrialization and in the nation's subordinate insertion to globalization. The constitutional apparatus has failed. But you don't contextualize the facts.

The axioms of sustainable economics are left behind. Glasses with recycled wood frames and boards made from the same material, to spread ecological awareness among young surfers. Then came the silence about extractivism, mining on indigenous lands, deforestation, illegally exported wood, the smoke from the Amazon fires in the sky of São Paulo. Next, the pedophile behavior of high authority, fantasizing about Venezuelan girls in a non-existent brothel. But you think it's infallible Leader.

The campaign for re-election relies on public and private money. The newspaper Valor Econômico calculates the robbery of the Union's coffers at R$ 68 billion. There has never been such a dirty election campaign. Entrepreneurs halt votes with blackmail about employability. They treat employees like part of the furniture in the company. The Patronal International is illiterate, corrupt and undemocratic. The pride inherited from the colonial period is tattooed on his soul. It lacks a project for the country. It evaluates the current precariat as enslaved blacks, without the right to have rights. For Professor Fernando Abrucio: “Bolsonarism (meaning the fusion of neoliberalism and neofascism) is the final victory of the slave model”. A complete civilizational regression. But you aim at the TSE and the STF.

The chance to find the “good person” you think you are has a date: October 30th. Free the young man who dreamed of the sociability of the democratic rule of law, and condemned the state of exception. The one that walks with air blasé, indifferent to the suffering of the people, counting the vile metal, lost his heart at some bend in the road. Hopefully, from the ashes like the Phoenix, the “rebel against” will be reborn in you to take the place of the “rebel in favor” of injustices. But will you be able?

*Luiz Marques is a professor of political science at UFRGS. He was Rio Grande do Sul's state secretary of culture in the Olívio Dutra government.

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