Open letter from Julian Assange's mother



Many people were traumatized by seeing a superpotêVengeful agency that uses its unlimited resources to intimidate and destroy an individual.íhelpless duo

I can't stand that everything stands still in the face of so much injustice.

Fifty years ago, when I gave birth to a young mother for the first time, I thought there could be no greater pain than the pain of childbirth, but I soon forgot about it as I held my beautiful baby in my arms. I named him Julian.

Now I realize that I was wrong. There is greater pain.

The unrelenting pain of being the mother of an award-winning journalist who dared to publish the truth about high-profile government crimes and corruption.

The pain of seeing my son, who sought to publish important truths, infamous around the world.

The pain of seeing my son, who risked his life to speak out against injustice, repeatedly arrested and deprived of the right to a fair trial.

The pain of seeing a healthy child slowly deteriorate because he was denied adequate medical and health care in years and years of imprisonment.

The anguish of seeing my son subjected to cruel psychological torture in an attempt to break his immense spirit.

The constant nightmare that he will be extradited to the United States and then spend the rest of his days buried alive in total isolation.

The constant fear that the CIA might carry out their plans to kill him.

The wave of sadness when I saw her frail body collapse exhausted from a mild stroke at the last hearing due to chronic stress.

Many people have been traumatized by the sight of a vengeful superpower using its limitless resources to bully and destroy a helpless individual.

I want to thank all honest and supportive citizens who are protesting globally against the brutal political persecution that Julian suffers.

Please continue to raise your voices for your politicians until this is all they will hear.

Your life is in your hands.

*Christine Assange is the mother of the founder of Wikileaks.

Translation: Anselmo Pessoa Neto.


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