Letter to the "Patriots"

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The peace of Christ, private property and family honor be with you

“[...] neither the modernists, nor the ISEB, nor the CPCs, nor Cinema Novo, nor Tropicalismo, nor the protest MPB managed to annihilate the green-and-yellow image, which was consolidated and shines unharmed in that other image, henceforth appropriated by the contemporary tourism industry: coffee, football and carnival, Made in brazil” (Marilena Chaui, Brazil: founding myth and authoritarian society, P. 36).

Patriots! The peace of Christ, private property and family honor be with you.

I do not hesitate to commend you for the persistence with which you show your unconditional love for the nation. Since 2013, I have clearly noticed that “the giant has woken up”. How can we not get emotional when we see the FIESP building all painted in the colors of the flag, during the June Journeys? It is undeniable that the seed of freedom took root in Orlando, which proves the coherence of your nationalism. The civic sentiment was so solid that it crossed borders and settled south of the power that most defends invasive democracy and the universal value of money-for-the-few.

I am writing to you because I noticed that some unemployed people are creating a hundred memes per second, satirizing some of the heroic actions that you have adopted since the polls were counted on October 30th AD For my part, I advise you not to bother. I proclaim that this attitude is typical of the envious of the band here. Deep down, part of us loves the colors of the flag and wants to claim it just to dye it red.

Truth be told, I would love to feel the force of the wind, hooked to the windshield of a truck.

I would especially appreciate joining other guys dressed in green and yellow in a public square, as part of the mission to invite extraterrestrials to protect us from corruption and communism – the latter, always on the lookout for us. Unfortunately, as I could not join the circus, I mean, the circle that you organized, I acted alone. From the eighth floor window, I sent flashing light signals to the stars, in appeal to UFOs (I thought it better to address them, as they must be closer to Earth than God). I didn't time the duration of the event; I was just surprised by the lack of sidereal response.

Well, if God and the ETs are for us, who could be against it? That was my strongest thought, under the moon but above the rest. Other reflections that occurred to me while I was there: is it possible to claim order in the midst of disorder? How to ensure the continuity of the barbecue outside the barracks, when part of the patriots are traders (and depend on sales); when some are salaried (and need to work); when others are entrepreneurs (and need to close deals)?

Patriots, you will certainly notice that these reservations consist of details. Far be it from me to disrespect your coup plotter; your blindness to the excesses and negligence of the present captain; your hypocrisy, in and out of marriage; your tax evasion; your blind belief in the fallacy of meritocracy; your obsession with distinguishing yourself from the people; your refractory posture to those who don't read self-help works; your horror of those who practice citizenship and exercise critical thinking (not to mention doctors and scientists – the non-denialists, of course).

In view of the above, I take leave of you, unable as I am to achieve your pride in the midst of social misery, your sympathy for totalitarian regimes; your mania in assuming that the colors of the flag really represent the elements of nature, and not the colors of the Houses of Bragança and Lorena.

From the land of the neobandeirantes, in the month in which the republican coup of 1889 is celebrated, your sincere fellow citizen.

*Jean-Pierre Chauvin He is a professor at the School of Communication and Arts at USP. Author, among other books, of A thousand, one dystopia (Publisher Glove).

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