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Bolsonaro uses the bluff as a tactic to gain time, occupy a position and strengthen himself

A real politik It's like a card game, and whoever has the best hands wins the game. Bolsonaro knows that he is not with the best, since the various crimes of responsibility he has committed so far only make him sure of one thing: he and his family can be arrested at any time. However, he knows he's in the game, as he still has support from 1/3 of the electorate, from a portion of the legislature and judiciary and, even timidly, from the military. That's why Bolsonaro uses the bluff as a tactic to gain time, occupy a position and strengthen himself.

He is bluffing, firstly making us believe that the strength of the social base (digital militias, part of public security agents and the armed forces, parts of the business community and religious groups) will guarantee him the security of his mandate, and second, in a way cunning, accentuating his coup-mongering rhetoric, attesting that only he – the so-called “Messiah” – has the power to save the country from the social and health chaos it is immersed in.

Doubts about the government's power project came to an end. The signs he has given to society as a whole are quite evident: the only way for Bolsonaro is to form a neo-fascist government! The polarization in society is a tactic of his neo-fascist government, as he knows that it is necessary at this moment to weaken institutions and political representations, and thus undermine democracy.

Bolsonaro's frequent participation in acts, the propagandizing of neo-fascist ideas, the affront to other powers and the commitment of the armed forces in his political coup, are the tactics that will gradually weaken (and with force) the republican institutionality instituted in this exact historical moment.

A reaction in progressive and democratic ways is in order at this moment, as we already know Bolsonaro wants to implement a dictatorship in the country. The sad marks of the 1964 military dictatorship left us with a lesson: the farce cannot be repeated! History cannot be allowed to repeat itself! It is necessary that he be removed from office immediately and that he be investigated and tried for the various crimes he has committed.

*Felipe Sena He is an educator and member of the Popular Consultation.

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