Marielle case – the semi-denunciation show

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The delation of Élcio de Queiroz and another scoundrel show from Globo

Anyone who has been following the simulated investigations into the murders of Marielle Franco and Anderson Gomes for almost five and a half years was carried away by the fuss of the TV Globo to believe that the half-denunciation show by the driver-accomplice Élcio Queiroz would have been a firm step towards answering the sphinx questions that scramble the solution of the double murder: who the hell had Marielle killed? And why, dammit?

We are sitting waiting that of the two volumes of the semi-denunciation that are still safe from systematic leaks to the TV Globo bring more than the simple list of bagrinhos that operate in the militia state of Rio de Janeiro. We want and democracy demands that the names of the principal architects, financiers and beneficiaries finally come to light.

Of course, it helps a lot to know that the campaign against Marielle began at least six months earlier than previously known and that it involved at least two more militia members. These novelties prove that there was much more money and intention involved in the planning and execution of the attack, and that all of this could not have been conceived and executed without a conspiracy of a much higher political level than the assassin-workers thus far discovered would have been capable of.

That alone should have the effect of throwing down a thesis that, however false it may be, is still repeated by the arrogant and nabbishly salaried state attorneys. But, no: one of the arrogant ones had the audacity not to rule out the idiotic hypothesis that Ronnie and his henchmen would have done what they did motivated by personal hatred, and not in the pay of something much superior.

Ok, so we all pretend to believe the tale that the worst and best paid gang of killers in the militia state of Rio de Janeiro spent months dedicating themselves to campaigning for Marielle only because the former councilor was starting to pontificate to the general public on the causes human rights of favela residents, the gay population and black women. No, not even Carochinha would do better, prosecutors. Tell another.

This stupid argument and bad character goes perfectly with the ruse carried out by Élcio Queiroz – which, incidentally, as evidenced by the very well-framed images leaked as always exclusively for the Globo network, was very comfortable in the testimony given to the marajas in suits (who, in the leaked video, did not even investigate the factual proximity between Ronnie Lessa and another gang, the Bolsonaros, who also resided in the same Vivendas da Barra condominium).

Élcio Queiroz had the nerve to attribute to a dead man, former PM Macalé, the initiative to hire Ronnie Lessa and his gang with the “mission” of murdering Marielle. Bingo! As the Macalé archive was already burned in 2021 and the dead still do not have the power to speak the truth, the squaring of the circle that unites a professional killer with prosecutors who think we are foolish to swallow this crude lie is closed.

So, as this game is being played in this way, it is suggested that everyone take precautions and prevent a truth from being built by common interests of hitmen and suits.

The next step in this operation could end up being the conclusion that there were no architects of the political crime with the greatest repercussions in Brazil since the bomb in Riocentro in 1981. A blatantly false thesis, but one that, if accepted by Marielle and Anderson's family, by the Justice and for society, in the end, it would keep everything in the most perfect order in a State whose real powers are not in the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. But in the militia, in the drug trade and in this police, which come together and mingle under the complacent ideology of this MPRJ.

With regard to Macalé, Élcio Queiroz told yet another lie that the MPRJ maharajas chose to let go. He said that until a few months ago Macalé paid him R$5 a month (why, maharajahs, didn't you ask the reason for this salary?). The amount, according to Élcio, would have dwindled to R$1,5 and then reached zero.

Thus, Macalé, who died two years ago, would have managed the feat of recently paying some kind of relief to Élcio Queiroz, who has been in jail since March 2019. But, despite this otherworldly financial engineering, it did not occur to the learned and arrogant suits to investigate how and why a deceased manages to send a monthly Pix from the fifth of hell to an incarcerated criminal, who supposedly would not have access to his own bank accounts because he was behind bars.

It is these and many other inconsistencies that, at least until today, leave the question in the air: what would be the real reason for the MPRJ to have proposed and the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro, to accept a delation full of holes and containing only the names of more participants in the murders, and not of the principals and the reasons for the crime that, if solved, will open wide the stomachs of the political and economic power that has been gestating in Rio since the infamous business and military dictatorship implanted in 1964?

Incidentally, as can be seen from the PF’s actions, the “new” criminal operators could have been discovered a long time ago by the Civil Police and the MPRJ itself, with the simple crossing of telephone calls from professional assassin Ronnie Lessa and Élcio Queiroz. It is elementary, but it was not done – or it is not known if it was actually carried out and kept under the complicit veil of convenience in the state of the militias of Rio de Janeiro.


Another scoundrel show from Globo

But, as bad as the picture is, it deteriorates even more when one realizes the dynamics of promoting Élcio Queiroz's speeches.

The arrest, then, of hitman Maxwel (Suel) was broadcast live by the unfailing Globo Group and its ubiquitous Globo helicopter Cop (sic) – exactly as happened, for example, in 2016, when Lula was coercively led by the same PF. Globe and PF want us to believe that all the logistics of deploying, manning and driving a helicopter were already completed at 6 am and that the aircraft, by mere chance, passed over Suel's residence just as he was being arrested by the feds.

As a character by Jô Soares used to say, they want to make us clowns, but we refuse to be clowns. We refuse to continue to swallow the old alliance, known to all the national press, between the PF and the TV of Roberto Marinho's children...

The “leaks” (or directed distribution?) of images from the interrogation of Élcio Queiroz and the intrepid police helicopter Globonews which broadcast live the arrest of suspect Maxwuel last Monday only prove that the Globe (created in 1965) and the PF (which acquired its current form after the dictatorial Constitution of 1967) continue to operate the old alliance that always guaranteed the Marinho company the exclusivity of images that help this Police to create and sustain hypotheses.

Even if the next few weeks (months? years?) will bring some new information, a social climate has already been created that perhaps, you know, we have reached where it is possible to go and that, therefore, we should leave the buried dead and crimes supposedly untouched. principal(s), ditto.

*Carlos Tautz is a journalist and doctoral candidate in history at the Fluminense Federal University (UFF).

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