#ColeraAlegria & The Earth is Round

Image: #coleraalegria

The Earth is Round and collaborative action #ColeraAlegria start a partnership for the publication of their works as illustrations for articles on the site.

ColeraAlegria is a collaborative action of a political nature. It is interesting to manifest affections, ideas, cries, suggestions, propositions, reactions (the list follows) about the urgencies of the present time. In a comprehensive manner, the aim is to reappropriate symbols, colors, shapes and words distorted by right-wing discourses, but also to create different forms of expression and political manifestation.

Posters, flags and banners were chosen as devices, which must be in circulation. On social media, they move around by sharing images, along with the hashtag #coleraalegria – which is also their signature – and any other hashtag you want to add. Outside of virtuality, the place for these posters-etc. they are the bodies and the subjects. They must be wielded, manipulated, lifted, balanced, thus avoiding situations in which they are just being displayed passively, without giving rise to an exchange relationship.

This action is spontaneous, emergency, fragile, ephemeral and incomplete, but its strength can also arise from this condition. The participants are diverse and can change over time (some enter, others leave, etc.) without the need to fix the number or nature of the collaboration. Publicly, it doesn't matter who participates in the action, while for us the bonds of affection and friendship, and the possibility of exchanges that come from this context, matter.

It is also important to identify allies for action. It is suggested, in this sense, that other agents be summoned as disseminators (in a virtual avalanche, for example) and that anyone be encouraged to extract images from posters-etc. from the internet, sharing them however you like, which means avoiding official source ideas or original image. As an example for the nature of action, we think of the operation of the Invisible Committee.

We refuse the word group or collective, in favor of the term collaborative action. From this combination it is also apprehended that there is no a priori conceptualization and that the senses are constituted in the movement and in the experience. Hence the inefficiency of a presentation text, even if it were a manifesto. This is not a manifesto. Everyone is autonomous to incite actions, in the way and with the training of people that best pleases him.

No one is a representative ColeraAlegria. Meetings to produce posters-etc are encouraged. and research on agendas, phrases, forms of circulation. The costs of carrying out the actions are apportioned among the employees who so wish. It works like a house party, when everyone brings something or someone passes the hat.

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