With eyes on Gaza


With eyes on Gaza


The policy of legitimizing the two States is the maximum and minimum program, at this juncture, to attempt a new period of peace in the region.

I have read dozens of articles and followed with political, moral and historical interest the debates and information about Gaza: with eyes on Gaza. I will not go into the substantive debate in this text, because it is not a “fundamental debate” on the topic that could lead us to a situation of ceasefire, humanitarian aid, an end to the murders of innocent children and the disappearance of entire families, in Gaza, under the bombings of Benjamin Netanyahu.

I speak directly to the Prime Minister because he represents, not what the State of Israel is, but what was, for example, Jair Bolsonaro here in Brazil, Augusto Pinochet in Chile and could be Javier Milei in Argentina. Benjamin Netanyahu has in his government coalition the group named for the assassination of Isaac Rabin, on November 4, 1955, a date that marks a brutal turning point in Israeli policy in relation to the dispute over the occupied territories.

The fight for the resumption of negotiations and the cessation of fire against Gaza – as a new provisional moment in a historical drama that has no solution in the short term or even in the medium term – is the moral duty of the left, to stop the killing and neutralize terrorist actions of Hamas, honor the Palestinian Authority, help the people of Israel to replace their fascist government, which seeks to transform the State of Israel into a State of total defense, from an imperial colonial status, which flows from the North American State as a police force of the world. The policy of legitimizing the two States is the maximum and minimum program, at this juncture, to attempt a new period of peace in the region.

No eyes in Gaza is the title of a novel by Aldous Huxley, first published in 1936. The title of the book originates from a phrase by John Milton, in his poem “Antagonist Samson“, in which the poet narrates a biblical event in which Samson – imprisoned by the Philistines and with his eyes burned out – is taken to Gaza where he is subjected to slavery, to work grinding grain in a local mill. “The mind is its own place” – said Milton – “and in itself it can make a heaven out of hell, a Hell out of heaven”, a thought that may have come from Samson, already blind in Gaza, when he plotted his revenge against the Philistines .

Samson – blind and enslaved – has his animal strength used to provide food for the new owners of his body. Beavis is the central character of Huxley's novel who seeks, through his gradual disillusionment with the high society that offered him abundant privileges, a meaning for life, reflections he made shocked by the suicide of a special friend, whose answers he thought he would find in discovery of pacifism and mysticism.

Poor Beavis and poor Gaza today have their eyes buried under tons of cement and the eyes and alveoli of their people are parched by the deadly dust of incandescent phosphorus bombs. This is the real world of Gaza, which Beavis' disillusionment failed to fix and which Huxley's metaphors bring to a daily life of war and death.

Assessment of the “risks” of a War in the current period of manipulated informational communion, on all topics that concern market reactions, developed probabilistic calculations closer to what “could happen”, for the richest and for the “poorest ”, when war breaks out. Why? – because the civilization “of markets – read the global financial market – for the accumulation of fictitious money, without immediate material work, has the means and techniques to predict the near future, more precisely than in the wars of industrial society : just declare a war to immediately value the actions of weapons factories and the permanent reinvention of technologies for death! This prediction is not wrong and it moves the financial world, arms trafficking, mercenary companies, oil stocks and bank financing.

In the classic Wars of the last century, a series of often uncontrollable and unpredictable factors were added, such as the volume of human losses with the slower movement of troops depending on the terrain and weather (replaced today by drones as tactical assault vanguards), with immense material and human damage.

The boundaries were leaked – slowly – by atoms, not by “bits”; analogue communication was slow and vulnerable, between commands and troops, and spatial movement in the air was slower and less accurate, compared to what occurs today; The short times of rapid historical cycles have already naturalized the Ukrainian War and are sending it to the archives, where it will rest for some time, like a bronze reserved to be cast in another conflict, for the geopolitical use of the great military powers.

The barbarities of wars, in that previous period, were more “spontaneous” and marginal to the tactical planning of larger States, but in the combats of current wars they are more immediate, planned, insensitive and brutal, even protected by the manipulative news of traditional media. . Current wars directly interfere in the immediate calculation of the great industrial and technological powers, which have their military “Keynesianism” always available to – from the State – place their orders with the private sector to boost their arms economy through War.

Let us remember the “clean bombers” of the Gulf War and the “cave of chemical and biological weapons” in the Iraq War. It is all of this that encourages the genocidal bombings of Gaza, decided by the Israeli government – ​​not the people of Israel; and which also encourages Hamas' terrorism against the Israeli civilian population, decided by its leaders based outside of Gaza – not by the Palestinian people.

I honestly don't know if this is possible, given the radicality of the conflict and the ongoing deaths, but I know that if this is not the solution, the deaths in Gaza will only be a tenuous moment of an endless war in the XNUMXst Century, in which the The hydra of fascism will raise its most hideous head to mark this century as a new century of darkness. And the model of the global financial capital system, which controls the world – the Samson with many dreams and no eyes – will find its most paradisiacal moment of rest in the arms and war technology industry. For the enrichment of the richest and the “final solution” for the poorest.

*Tarsus in law he was governor of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, mayor of Porto Alegre, Minister of Justice, Minister of Education and Minister of Institutional Relations in Brazil. Author, among other books, of possible utopia (Arts & Crafts).https://amzn.to/3ReRb6I

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