How to rid Brazil of it

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By Emir Sader*

Impeachment, accusations of crimes of responsibility, requests for psychiatric interdiction, all possible ways of expressing rejection refer to a general slogan: Bolsonaro out!

The pots have confirmed that the feeling of rejection of Bolsonaro is widespread across the country, that major sectors of the population no longer want him, cannot stand him anymore. “Enough”, “I can't stand it anymore”, “go away”, “it's enough for you”, generalized and reiterated feelings.

The pots show that something has changed, that rejection of the government is expanding. Polls have shown, for several months now, that support for Bolsonaro has dropped significantly, which is less than the rejection of him. But more active forms of this discontent were not to be found. The generalized and combative pots and pans show that large sectors pass from passive rejection to active rejection. Were it not for the impossibility of mass demonstrations, we would certainly be experiencing the largest and most combative demonstrations of rejection of the government.

On the other hand, pots and pans, striking in middle-class and even upper-middle-class neighborhoods, demonstrate that these sectors, after a long process of transforming their positions, adhere to demonstrations of rejection of the government, also feel that they cannot stand it more, they want change.

Impeachment, accusations of crimes of responsibility, requests for psychiatric interdiction – all are possible ways of expressing rejection, all referring to a general motto: Bolsonaro out! No path should be abandoned, every path for the country to get rid of it is possible.

It is argued that it is not because we do not like this government that we should appeal for impeachment. But it's not like that. The left opposed the FHC government, realizing that the judiciary allowed the government to commit obvious illegalities in the implementation of its neoliberal program. The damage it caused to the country was well known. But there was never an appeal for impeachment, there was an attempt to convince the majority of the population of the damage that that policy was doing to the country and to everyone, until we won the elections.

Now it is not just a matter of dismantling democracy, the State, workers' rights. It is about the dismantling of Brazil, of all types of legality and norms of coexistence, the demoralization of the government, Congress, the Judiciary, the provocation of a situation of sanitary chaos, of a community of people with different positions, the destruction of the that was built over decades. There is no government, if you give up leading the country in a situation of enormous gravity, in which the vast majority of the population feels helpless in the face of the effects of a virus that hits them without being able to defend themselves.

All this in violation of the Constitution, committing an enormous amount of crimes of responsibility, corruption, violation of the rights of others, lack of modesty in behavior in office, with appeals and incentives for police violence against the population, with the demoralization of the image of Brazil in the world, with total inability to get the country out of the crisis and unemployment.

All this, I repeat, repeatedly violates the Constitution, without the Judiciary taking any measure to stop this process. We can only rely on the strength shown by the population in rejecting him. The left has to take responsibility for giving political direction to the movement that wants “Bolsonaro out!” Take on this movement with force, see in its course the best way for the country to get rid of it. It will be able to count on the support of broad sectors of the country, which are in the majority today, as well as large sectors of the media. The left has to assume responsibility for responding to this national longing: to rid Brazil of it.

The left must not be afraid of any path, not even impeachment, when the conditions are right. That he will try to play the victim in the face of impeachment is certain. But he has been playing the victim in the face of any criticism, this cannot be an obstacle.

The left cannot let this national yearning be depleted, as it cannot find a way to fulfill itself. Then she will be judged by history, for her inability to achieve this goal, increasingly mature: Bolsonaro out!

*Emir Sader He is a retired professor in the Department of Sociology at USP.

Article originally published on the Brasil 247 website

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