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When a circuit of crises begins to pile up the dead, extinguish compassion and naturally plant seeds of hatred, it is because we have reached the limit.

“During a trip to Manaus, Jair Bolsonaro made fun of those killed by Covid-19 in Brazil. Next to presenter Sikêra Jr., he posed for a photo in which he held a sign with the image of a CPF and the word, in red, “cancelled”. The expression “CPF canceled” is known in death squads to mention murders”. The article is from Site 247, yesterday, April 24, 2021, 75 years after Auschwitz. Are Brazil's institutions just deadened or have they already passed away and are we just specters of humanity that wander in other places, where bodies don't cast shadows and consciences disappeared in the pots of the market?

Primo Levi who fixed in History the piles of corpses that Hitler, with the support of a part of the German population – with the indifference of many and the complacent silence of those who did not oppose the “shameless demonstration of how easily evil prevails” – said that, in the middle of XNUMXth century Europe, “a demented dream was dreamed of, that of building a millennial empire over millions of corpses and slaves” (…) adding – on Europe’s reaction – that the “very few (who) refused they were cut off; all the others consented, part of them with disgust, part with indifference, part with enthusiasm.”

Primo Levi survived Auschwitz and wrote “Is this a man?”, a question whose philosophical radicalism calls into question not only the political results of the democratic enlightenment, but also the scarce possibilities of conceptualizing correctly – in terms of moral philosophy – the very meaning of the term “civilization”. When we, in Brazil, look at the President of the Republic and ask “Is this a man?” or “How was this possible”, we are inquiring at the same time about our past and our common destiny.

About the past we have our miseries based on colonial slavery, as well as on Lieutenants raised against the oligarchy; we see ourselves in the legal and “illegal” resistance to the military dictatorship, as well as in the majority acceptance of the Coup against Dilma and – in our recent past- we see the mongrel spirit of our foreign policy (rested on Trump’s fake hair) but also the dignity of Itamarati, in various moments of our History, more recently with Chancellor Celso Amorim, in the high and active foreign policy in the global public scene.

Certainly distinguished historians in the future will know how to look in depth at the political and moral desert that they foisted on us with the creation of Bolsonarism. Its certificate of validity is cemented by the commitment of liberal-rentism as revived fascism, destined to destroy the Social State, even if it costs 500 dead – or more – at the end of this perverse chapter of our History.

Afterwards, we will still have those killed by hunger, families dissolved by mourning, the madness engendered in the irrational struggle for survival. Is it a Man, this one who propagates a necrophilic path? Will we be considered as Men, in the future, if we omit or remain silent? Difficult to answer, but when a circuit of crises starts piling up the dead, extinguishing compassion and naturally planting seeds of hatred, it's because we've reached the limit.

Rolando Freisler (1893-1945), German jurist of the Weimar Republic and named as the most important judge of the Hitler era, condemned to death hundreds of Jewish and non-Jewish resisters and symbolized what was the most depraved part of the German Judiciary , in the so-called “People's Court” (Wolksgerichtshof), the State's most relevant jurisdiction for “political crimes” in Hitler's time. His custom, in addition to condemning to death human beings who did not surrender in the face of necrophilic inhumanity, was to dramatize his processes in order to brutally humiliate the defendants, the defense and the family of the future condemned.

Any similarity with the convictions prior to the processes, by which Judge Moro obtained his complicity with Rede Globo? Yes, there are some obvious similarities, not only due to the close relationship between Judge Moro and the already notoriously fascist candidate, but also due to the previous humiliations and condemnations, made by most of the traditional press, against the “necessary condemned”, those who should have to be eliminated so that the Fascist won and the Judge became his Minister.

In the last 30 days, a group of lawyers (myself included) and jurists drafted and proposed, on behalf of PCdoB and PSOL, a “direct action of unconstitutionality by omission” against the Presidency of the Republic. In this action, supported by public and notorious facts – free of any doubt, therefore – we show that the President is not complying with the Constitution, due to the omissive (and homicidal) policies that he has been developing and because he is practicing explicit actions of sabotage to public health and the other fundamental rights.

We maintain in action, therefore, that the President is in confrontation with science and reason. Soon, it will be up to the STF to say – through the universal metaphor that only the Law can produce – if we are a people composed of individuals endowed with human feelings in all their fullness or if we are (and by reflex they, Judges, are also) a passive herd led by Judge Freisler to the pillory of shame. This is a large place that never fails to welcome those who renounce their human condition, to think like a herd enslaved by the myth: immune to love and solidarity.

*Tarsus in law he was Governor of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Mayor of Porto Alegre, Minister of Justice, Minister of Education and Minister of Institutional Relations in Brazil.


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