An eye on the “Machiavellian Fortune”


By Alexandre Aragão de Albuquerque*

With the pandemic, immoral bet made by the captain follows the lessons of Machiavelli's dictator prince

Pelé was a card-carrying Lula, even underwater. Caretaker (housekeeper) of a magnificent beach residence owned by a BRADESCO regional manager. Furthermore, he is an excellent mason, demanding in his trade. On these days, due to the pandemic, my wife and I decided to spend a few weeks at the beach to breathe fresh air, take a dip in the sea, distance ourselves from crowds and the urban neurosis that has hit many people in recent times. As soon as we got there, there was a first scolding: the hydraulic pump was not drawing water from the well to fill our water tank. I immediately called Pelé. He, with his usual promptness, arrived in seconds and resolved everything quickly. Finally, we went to talk a little about politics. What was my surprise: Pelé had become a Bolsonarist. What is the reason? The emergency aid of R$600,00 (six hundred reais) filling their pockets. Bolsonaro, by mere “fortune”, is about to become the newest edition of the “father of the poor”.

Sociologist Esther Solano, in her qualitative research “Bolsonarism in crisis?”, had already drawn attention to some characteristics and reasons that led popular class voters in 2018 to vote for the right, in the desperate search to see their demands met. Among the reasons listed by the teacher is the concept of abandonment, based on the idea that the poor have to be abandoned by the political class as a whole. Those surveyed had a generalized perception that the political class, in addition to being corrupt, is elitist and physiological, concerned only with its interests. In addition, due to the hybrid war unleashed since 2013, the hegemonic media, led by Rede Globo, through a systematic wave of labeling, built in the social imaginary the idea that the Workers' Party (PT) is the only corrupt party in Brazil.

Added to this was another media criminalization movement, that of identity guidelines, presenting them in an aggressive and caricatured way as being contrary to the family and traditional customs, thus identifying the left and social movements as segments linked to mess and disorder. Finally, on top of the discourse of hastening military security (violence), the ideological framework that led Bolsonarism to power was completed. Among other things, it was with this programming (software) that the scammers created the hive mentality (see, moving forward with the second phase of the 2016 Coup, electing in 2018, manipulated by Moro and company, a representative of the extreme right to the presidency of Brazil. It is the moment where we are.

The long interview published last Sunday, the 09th, with professor of political science André Singer, spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic in the Lula government, needs to be added to the analysis carried out by Solano, due to the fact that it presents data of considerable relevance, since detected by us empirically for some time, as exemplified here at the beginning of this article by the change in attitude of the former Lulista, the mason Pelé. The phenomenon of the tripling of emergency aid, by the National Congress, transforming the measly R$200,00 (two hundred reais), proposed by Bolsonaro, into R$600,00 (six hundred reais), enabled the captain to benefit politically from this “fortune”. ”, since the distribution was carried out by the operating agencies of the executive branch (CAIXA ECONÔMICA), generating in large segments of the low-income population an automatic identification of the benefit as being an action of the federal government.

Singer warns that “the mechanics of emergency aid of R$600,00 (six hundred reais) per month meant that people had to give up Bolsa Família”, one of the successful Lula programs to combat extreme poverty. Based on this observation, the current government began a strategy to ensure that people no longer return to Bolsa Família and join its Renda Brasil program directly. In this case, the pandemic created an unexpected “fortune” (in the Machiavellian sense), positively favoring the advancement of Bolsonarism in the popular layers, mainly in the Northeast Region of Brazil.

As we have already had the opportunity to analyze in several past articles, at its core the concept of hybrid warfare contemplates the idea of ​​“organized chaos”. As hackers teach us every day, demonstrated in an exemplary way by the Matrix movie, the most effective way to modify a is to put a virus in the program. A virus has been inoculated into the Brazilian political system since the street movements of 2013, passing through the anti-corruption advertisements of Jornal Nacional, led by global actors Moro and Dallagnol, consummating with the overthrow of the government of Dilma Rousseff in 2016, the bankruptcy of of Brazilian multinationals and the immoral arrest of President Lula in 2018, to facilitate the coming to power of the extreme right. The function of the viral system is to contaminate individuals working “occultly (ideologically)” to modify their political sentiment and lead them to propagate their revolt in street demonstrations and digital networks in order to cause a “political epidemic” capable of overthrowing O “establishment”, that is, the democratic constitutional order.

The political scientist Adam Przeworski, in his book “Crises of Democracy”, calls “furtive authoritarianism” the coup process that takes place in an unconventional way, within the legal process, in a continuous and barely perceptible way, whose result is the sliding from democracy to dictatorship, without society noticing what is happening, because, apparently, the democratic institutions continue to function, only more and more as a facade. The conduct of this dictatorship process is part of the Executive's actions, as we are tired of seeing, since Bolsonaro took office, with his statements and demonstrations by Bolsonarists asking for the return of AI-5, the closure of Congress and the STF. All of this without the Legislative and Judiciary making the due political-legal impediment, for these reiterated anti-constitutional postures adopted publicly.

With the pandemic, the immoral bet made by the captain follows the lessons of Machiavelli's dictator prince. Whatever you have to do, do it quickly and accurately, and if you have to attack a minority to please a majority, don't think twice. Thus, among the hundreds of thousands of deaths from Covid-19 (today there are more than 100 in Brazil) and the tens of millions of unemployed and underemployed with no income, he opted for the second group, ideologically and mediatically building an opposition exclusion between both groups. And now, for the unexpected “fortune” of R$ 600,00 (six hundred reais), he is seeking to reap the results of his Machiavellian strategy. If the opposition does not understand the movement of this target, it will not be able to hit it accurately. Bricklayer Pelé did not understand: from being a Lulista, he became a Bolsonaro voter.

*Alexandre Aragão de Albuquerque Master in Public Policy and Society from the State University of Ceará (UECE)


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