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The campaign against the progressive parties, particularly and emphatically the Workers' Party, brought a culture of hate to Brazilian society.

Will the Planet be different after the pandemic? The virus came to warn humanity of its destructive, selfish, perverse behavior. Man, realizing the need for solidarity and preservation behavior, will look at the distribution of wealth and the conservation of Nature in a different way.

Is it?

I have just seen a piece of news that reports on the speech of a woman – let's call her Ticê – who occupies the position of first lady of a rich Brazilian state. Ticê thinks that food should not be donated to the street population so as not to take away the desire to leave the comfortable situation that they enjoy.

Such an opinion shows how far consciousness is from reality. What can a creature who is not shy about expressing such barbarity learn from our terrible pandemic situation and, worse, accompanied, in the case of Brazil, by the disasters caused by the ruler and his ministers? Ticê represents very well the Brazilian ruling classes, the wealthy. They are unaware of the problems that other classes, especially those less favored, face. They don't value almost anything, not even life unless it's theirs or someone they love. Ticê and his peers are responsible for the results of the last elections that put the monster that is there in the presidency of the republic.

It is quite true that these results have other parents. The lies spread generously in the media and social networks also played a leading role. Such lies reached voters driven by the money of Ticê and his allies.

Pulling the thread, we check that the skein is far away. It was ingeniously rolled up. The beginning must be in discovering the riches of this great country, especially after the pre-salt layer. Northerners, addicted to dominating the weakest – those whose military strength is considered inferior – swung into action on multiple fronts. The main ones – judiciary and big media – were supplied with fertile and diversified seeds. All with the motto to eliminate communism.

Money is selfish and greedy. The progressive governments – Lula and Dilma – sinned against and started an income distribution movement, therefore dangerous, close to their allies: Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and China, the communists. (I've always wanted to ask those who use the term communist as a curse word if they know what they're talking about, because it would be so nice if there really were that many communists in this world.)

The North began to train a team to clear the way. The young man from Curitiba appears, nicknamed a judge, and another nicknamed prosecutor. They put together an efficient team and said that Italy provided them with the “Clean Hands” ways.

Before, however, there was an ostentatious trial, whose judge brought some innovations to court. Who explains this issue to us are Marcon Moreira Chaves and Thaiany Nascimento de Oliveira in their article “Theory of the Domain of the Fact” published in September 2017 and is available at:

“The theory of dominance of the fact was used by the Minister of the STF Joaquim Barbosa as grounds for condemning former minister José Dirceu. As already explained above, this theory deals with the definition of author and participant, to resolve the demand for the form of mediate authorship, when there are two participants and there are no authors. , condemning José Dirceu based on the aforementioned theory for the leadership position he held within the organization, since measuring the theory alone does not require proof, his authorship would have to be proven, based on concrete evidence and not just testimonials. In addition to having to take into account that the other components of the organization (subordinates) were specific subjects, leaving aside an essential rule for characterizing the theory of the domain of the fact, the subject who executes being replaceable, fungible.// Therefore, for the conviction to be fair, his authorship would have to be proven, in other words, his willingness to commit the crime, the commission of the crime and not just the duty to know about the criminal action. José Dirceu would effectively have had to order the actions, which could not be proved only by testimonials, according to critics who condemn the attitude of Minister Joaquim Barbosa, condemning without concrete evidence opens a loophole for second instance judges. ”

That's what happened: the guy who was called a judge on the team nicknamed Lava Jato used and abused this loophole. The chief prosecutor, also with ties to the North, made a public presentation, using a power point, and ending by saying that he had NO evidence, but was convinced that Lula was guilty. Lula was convicted after this confession by the prosecutor. He was arrested. His conviction was approved by the mainstream media with hours and hours of reporting and by the Judiciary, which did nothing to change Lava Jato's behavior. So little to alleviate the absurd suffering and humiliation imposed on Lula and his family. A lot of money paid for all this. It also paid the way for the breakdown of our sovereignty. It's still paying and our sovereignty is going down the drain.

The campaign against the progressive parties, particularly and emphatically the Workers' Party, brought a culture of hate to Brazilian society. They were so efficient and effective that they elected Bozonero.

The possibility of happening what the first paragraph announces may even reach Brazil, but for that it is necessary to retrace the path of DEMOCRACY. Ticê's classes, the mainstream media, the Judiciary and the 30% will have to redeem themselves.

*Mirian Cintra, writer, author of Ilda and Ramon – Whispers of Freedom (novel) and two love affairs (Tales).


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