Developments in the Ukrainian counter-offensive

Image: Sputnik / Evgeny Biyatov


The Ukrainian counteroffensive is proving disastrous, and there is no chance that Russia will ever make unilateral concessions on its objective national security interests.

A NATO-backed Kiev counter-offensive it has been disastrous, which even the mainstream media has been forced to acknowledge after it has become impossible to deny. A CNN revealed that the country already lost about 15% of its Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles during the first week, while Forbes reported that approximately the same percentage of German Leopard tanks was destroyed, as were half of its "unique" assault vehicles. However, President Putin stated that 25-30% of all its foreign equipment was lost.

Joe Biden's re-election depends on the success of the most important military campaign of the West since World War II, which raises the question of how the US will react after its failure. The best case scenario is to force Kiev to start ceasefire talks with Russia with the aim of reaching a Korean-type armistice, but this will likely only happen when all other options are exhausted. These include the escalation of the conflict to Belarus, Moldova and/or the pre-2014 Russian borders and the approval of a Polish-led military intervention.

All these options could lead to a reckless nuclear confrontation with Russia provoked by the Americans, which is already being prepared, as demonstrated by the largest air exercises ever conducted by NATO, which are taking place in Germany, and reports of strengthening of its nuclear capabilities on the continent. However, there is no chance of this perilous gamble succeeding and Russia capitulating to blackmail, as it is more than capable of guaranteeing that the West would be utterly destroyed should it dare to use nuclear weapons first.

Russian submarines prowl the oceans and are always ready to launch a retaliatory nuclear strike if the order is given. On the European front, Kaliningrad has been turned into a stronghold equipped with nuclear weapons, while tactical nuclear weapons are about to be deployed nearby in Belarus. You Russian hypersonic missiles Kinzhal they can penetrate the US's so-called “missile defense shield”, so there is no hope of preventing “mutual assured destruction” should liberal-globalist warmongers decide to strike first.

These purely defensive capabilities should be more than enough to deter the apocalypse, although it cannot be assumed that the United States will react rationally after the failure of its proxy counter-offensive. There is too much at stake in the impossible scenario for Kiev to completely remove Russia from all the territory it claims as its own for Washington to simply accept defeat. And policy makers may therefore think that they must “escalate to de-escalate”, in desperation to achieve something that can be considered a “win”.

There is no chance that Russia will ever make unilateral concessions on its objective national security interests, let alone in the face of nuclear blackmail, which is why liberal-globalist warmongers in the US must banish this thinking before they put it into question. risk the existence of humanity. Whatever your reaction to the failure of the Kiev counteroffensive, it should be guided by this fact and ideally de-escalate the proxy war between NATO and Russia, since it is impossible to achieve anything with further escalation of this conflict.

*Andrew Korybko holds a master's degree in International Relations from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. Book author Hybrid wars: – from color revolutions to coups (popular expression).

Translation: Fernando Lima das Neves.

Originally published on newsletter from the author.

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