Depoliticization is a political project

Marina Gusmão, Reinterpretation of Man in a Bowler Hat, by René Magritte. Digital illustration.


Without political debate, there is no approximation and inclusion of differences

“And on TV if you see / a deputy in panic / badly simulated / in front of any / but any / any, any / education plan / that looks easy / that looks easy and fast / And will represent / a threat / of democratization / primary education” (Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil. Haiti).

In a live broadcast by a celebrity from the world of music, a child, in the background, talks about denouncing Bolsonaro and they point out that it is a public broadcast. A “champion” of the entrepreneurship fallacy, who abandoned his peers to be servile in the center of world oppression and, out of opportunism, becomes a public political agent. Seeing that a brother, at the opposite pole of socioeconomic and fetishized convictions, who reaffirmed the primacy of the common good over the individual and, for this reason, was persecuted by the rabid defenders of the market economy (necessarily usurpers of the public good), recognizes the virtue of the existence of public services.

One of the most astonishing perversions produced by that pedagogical venom called Moral and Civic Education was to introject the dogma that politics belongs to the intimate sphere. This ideological program does not sustain itself in everyday life, but causes several deconstructions in social relations (including hatred and obscurantism).

When common sense says that politics, religion and football are not discussed, it is subjecting these themes to a territory of visceral violence. Every subject arbitrarily suppressed flows into the region of drives, fetishes and childishness.

What is peaceful is dialogue. Mainly because the exercise of understanding that the dimension of the other is socially complementary to the dimension of the self is what will sponsor the emergence of tolerance in the social sphere. The more people discuss, pronounce and hear arguments about a topic, the greater clarification and knowledge produced about it.

Translating, talking about a subject is the main way to reach agreements and consensus, without any of the parties needing to stop defending what they believe in, or like.

For some years now, it has bothered me that sports programs, irrationally daily, present sports debates in a format very similar to a wrestling ring. And the most successful are those who rage the most. Programs like these, instead of discussing the general virtues of sport and athletes, sow and fertilize affective impulses that claim that only annulment and submission of the opposing team (the other) guarantee the validity of “my team”. The daily psychosocial exercise is that the self only subsists in the face of the continuous and permanent destruction of the other.

In religion, the idea of ​​"chosen people" is the father of wars and atrocities. Just as it sponsored the sexist escalation that humiliated, tortured and murdered women. In doing so, it created the roots of the feminicide against which, fortunately, we are opposed today. It is no accident that the Judeo-Islamic-Christian matrix is ​​what has produced the overwhelming majority of destruction processes.

Contrary to what common sense supposes, by ideological induction, it is a strategy of curtailment imposed subliminally. And they are a programmatic component of an authoritarian project of domination and subjection of society.

These and other forms of obscurantism, in addition to being part of any authoritarian political model, are also at the base of the destruction of any healthy educational process.

Virtually all religious forms have evolved in some sense to exercise tolerance, most notably Christianity. Imagine all religions uniting against the injustices and evils that imprison and exploit their people. We will have revolution.

Sport moves and monopolizes passions, imagine if the strength of the sum of all organized passions, if they leave disputes only within the Gramado and seek, simply, to fight for improvements and guarantees in the world of sports (sub-area of ​​education, consists of intertwining socioeconomic, health, and organizational aspects, that is, by extension, political). We will have revolution.

In its potentiality, all education is a war against falsehoods and in favor of enlightenment. Imagine all educators and students recognizing the origin and support of obscurities, and also that it only makes sense to understand the world to transform it into something better, who includes and accepts everyone. We will have revolution.

Finally, this is why our minds have been sabotaged, to have an aversion to discussion and politics. Politics was not a theoretical and academic invention. On the contrary, the study of politics stems from the existence of a social practice whose essence lies in promoting a common good.

It belongs to politics to develop diplomacy as a more sophisticated form of conflict resolution, in particular, to put an end to wars.

The political debate, when I expose my reasons and listen, with respect, even if only ritualistic, to the reasons of the other, produces affinities and syntheses. Including by biological determination (search for convergent patterns).

Violence against the other, in nature, only exists in the context of survival. There is no presumption aggression, except in very specific situations. It is important to note that in the same species, this was only observed after the emergence of some type of consciousness (sense of self).

The political discussion also produces the appearance of the “third mediator”. When we witness the exposition of two supposedly contrary points of view, we are able to understand that the reasons for one do not necessarily exclude the reasons for the other. Politics is, therefore, also the territory in which interests are hierarchized and arranged in order to contemplate the social totality as best as possible. Moreover, without political debate there is no approximation and inclusion of differences. And only on the basis of it do we reject indifference to other people's or common suffering.

Can you understand why we still haven't destroyed our oppressors?

*Demerson Dias is a civil servant.

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