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Who is afraid of Lula 2022?

The article by a columnist in the Marinho family's newspaper in Rio de Janeiro has generated a huge debate on the left. A guy with an exotic name – Ascânio Seleme – published an article in the Rio de Janeiro daily of the Global family, the title of which brought comfort to so many people – it even relieved: “It's time to forgive the PT”. Some say that the scribe is the unofficial mouthpiece of the family. Oxi, would I expect some gesture from the mustachioed Merval, or from the ex-commune, our Mirian? None of that. It was this gentleman who was taken as the unofficial spokesman of the coup-mongering oligopoly. Half a lowered gesture, right?

That article calls the PT corrupt and authoritarian. It justifies the hatred of which we were the object. But, in a magnanimous way, he announces that he has already given. The 20016 coup is clear. It brings good news: the time has passed to hate the PT, which, after all, represents at least 30% of the Brazilian electorate. Seriously, people! An old white man who writes in the Marines diary gave us a chance!! Oh, that's all! Looks like the elites are starting to forgive us! Ring all the bells.

I swear I'll run away from the obvious reactions. A Globo network, after all, have you asked Brazil for forgiveness? Bunch of coup bourgeois! So afraid now? Did they help to overthrow a democratically elected woman, did they campaign to unjustly arrest a former president, were they complicit in the victory of the neo-fascist? And now, do you want to ask for a break? Are you afraid of being without the concession? Are they losing money because Bolsonaro prioritizes Silvio Santos and Edir Macedo?

Ultraliberalism and neofascism

Luis Felipe Miguel in the earth is round (A renegotiation?) and Gilberto Maringoni in the GGN newspaper (Globo bravados and calls the PT to talk: will the Party refuse?), published very different interpretations of the article by that Ascânio. Didactically, they express two visions that cut across the main parties and organizations of the Brazilian left.

First of all, it is worth demarcating my starting point. I am among those who characterize the Bolsonaro government as neo-fascist, with a mass base. 30% is no small feat. And with an ultraliberal program – which guarantees support from above. There is no “broad front” for a simple reason: the right, the bourgeois, the owners of the buffoons, the people upstairs do not want to remove Bolsonaro from the government. Incidentally, not even the anti-PT supporters from Ceará, who pretend to be center-left, do Ferreira Gomes want (“Bolsonaro is unprepared, but I am against impeachment”, said Cid). Fernando Henrique is even more explicit: “I do not defend impeachment”).

So, this is the basis of the conjuncture analysis. Concrete interpretation of a concrete situation, as taught by a certain rebellious and cocky Russian. The Brazilian ruling class that, together with Imperialism – read the USA (yes, that still exists) staged a coup in 2016, breaking the 1988 constitutional pact, remains a coup-monger and sympathetic to neo-fascism, as long as Guedes is in the game . They just don't want the ex-captain's crude and fascist-like exaggerations.

Specifically, Globo radicalizes because it is in Bolsonaro's sights. In addition to threatening to hunt down the Marinhos concession, Bolsonaro strengthens Silvio Santos' family (he gave the Ministry of Communications to the presenter's son-in-law) as well as Bishop Edir Macedo and his Rede Record. Any and all interpretations of the situation end up reflecting some of the fundamental controversies that permeate the Brazilian left. Crosswise. They go through the characterization of the Bolsonaro government, the best tactics to defeat it. And, above all, for the fundamental strategy that must guide the socialists.

Unity and reconstruction of the socialist left

We suffered a historic defeat. Defeating Bolsonarism is an arduous task. No Party or organization alone will succeed. It so happens that the PT continues to be the largest and most important party of the Brazilian working class and people. Lula is the greatest popular leader in the country. As well pointed out by Valerio Arcary (“Lula’s ban”) and Lincoln Secco (“Lula’s rights”) there is no prospect of rebuilding a liberal-democratic regime in Brazil if Lula does not recover his political rights.

It's something simple, which not even the PT as a whole has understood yet. Straight talk: if our bearded old man can't run for president, it's because the election will continue to be a fake one. will continue to be fake It means that the left remains interdicted. Forbidden to play. Better, you can even play, but you are still prevented from having greater pretensions.

Why is it so hard to understand this? This is not about hurting Lula. Nor PT hegemony. Or any of that. It's simpler: is the top floor really up for an electoral dispute in which the left has a real chance of defeating Bolsonarism and also a right-wing liberal candidate, like Huck, or Doria? Or are they just up for a process where the left is an auxiliary force for the liberal right-wing bloc that no longer wants Bolsonaro, although it continues to love Guedes and his anti-people program?

And what are the left's best odds?? With a liberal-democratic professor who refused to be a candidate in São Paulo this year? With the talented governor of Maranhão, dazzled to be the new leader, with a center and small caption, like PSB? Or with Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, “permanent candidate of the Brazilian people”, in the definition of a great leader of the MST?

Who is afraid of Lula 2022? All right, we know that. But there are also those on the left who want to bury Lula alive. It is the class that recommends that the PT make peace with the Globo network.

Or the crowd that goes crazy after one fake front with FHC, Tasso, Maia, Temer, Sarney, Huck and who knows who else. Or, even in the PT, those who just want to ally themselves with the center-right, thinking that this will give them more electoral strength and guarantee institutional spaces.

I bring bad news. It will get worse before it gets better. We are going to need a lot of focus, a lot of combativeness, a lot of unity between socialists and revolutionaries. These are times of darkness, but also of potential. Sad days, but pregnant with new alliances, new methods, and new people. We will never be friends Globo network. Much less do we believe that these brakes will save us. The people, the class. On the left, the program.

* Julian Rodrigues is a PT-SP militant; professor, journalist, human rights and LGBTI activist.


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