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Neo-Nazi groups work with young people in darkweb, deepweb, world Gamers and on social networks

The killer who stabbed the teacher in São Paulo got into a fight the week before and was beaten by the students because he had called one of them a monkey. Something to be better elucidated, if the media and the police allow it, as they always treat these attacks as if they were suicide. The logic of silence reigns to emphasize psychologizing aspects, shifting the debate to a mere casuistry of the psyche.

On his cell phone, examples of invasion and slaughter in schools were found. The aesthetics of their clothing follows the pattern of previous attacks, with explicit references.[I] Twitter brought, minutes later, valuable information, such as the existence of a neo-Nazi subgroup in which he was a member, whose chosen name was the same as the terrorist from Suzano (SP). There, he was encouraged and suggested to take revenge on the society that would have removed him from his due and historic place. With this narrative, neo-Nazi groups work with young people in darkweb, deepweb, world Gamers and, now and even, on social networks, indicating the existence of considerable social acceptance.

Institutions and especially the left did not understand what was happening among young people. Let's outline the process in 10 generally silenced facts, which, obviously, do not exclude further minutiae: (i) These attacks are suggested and directed by neo-Nazi groups on the web, including on open social networks. This indicates that the work carried out for years on end in sites and games that concealed whereabouts and emissaries was successful; (ii) The priority groups are impoverished white young people who would belong to a kind of lower middle class – there are exceptions, such as the Realengo terrorist, who killed ten women out of a total of twelve young people, almost all black.[ii] These young people become guardians of Traditionalism for having, according to a conservative narrative, lost spaces on fronts that were once monopolized in a more straight and peaceful world. Now, they would compete for a vacancy in higher education for a job, including their own aesthetic representation, with blacks, indigenous people, women and LGBTQIA+;

(iii) The attack that took place in Barreiras, Bahia, by a white man from Brasília, the son of a police officer (the highest paid police officer in Brazil), is the most exemplary case. He called the inhabitants inferior.[iii] He killed a wheelchair user, also black. He had contact with the assassin from Aracruz (ES), who killed four women (only women);[iv] (iv) The cell phone number of the assassin from Saudades (Santa Catarina), the one who killed babies and teachers (women), linked him to neo-Nazi groups in Rio de Janeiro.[v] Perhaps it was the case treated in the most absurd way, since the initial hypothesis was that bullying. What the babies did to the terrorist is a mystery.[vi]

(v) Data from this group from Rio de Janeiro linked it to the murderer from Suzano (Sao Paulo). Therefore, it is a network without fear of appearing. Those who insist on hiding it are the police, the media, governments, the bourgeoisie and the middle class, including the self-proclaimed progressives. In Monte Mor, the bomb failed and the terrorist was arrested with a hatchet. In Suzano, one had a firearm, the other a hatchet. Other attacks are the knife. They prioritize firearms, but when they cannot, there is a script inspired by certain games with knives and hatchets.

(vi) Neo-Nazi groups look for young people who already earn or will earn less than their parents, with no prospect of any different fate. They blame women for entering the labor market and not limiting themselves to exercising the role of mothers and wives, immigrants (Northeasterners in the South and Southeast, Latinos in the US and Africans and Arabs in Europe) and blacks (entry into the labor market and quotas ). These young people are, without exception, supremacists, even if they do not formally militate in a neo-Nazi cell.

(vii) In the case of women, they defend, alongside the Neo-Pentecostal Churches, the traditional and submissive woman. They understand that the new woman is the result of a kind of sexual confusion of modernity, whose sexualities are attacked as a breach of Traditionalism in which the white man is the tip of the pyramid. Therefore, they advocate a return to what was safe for white men. redpills e incels are expressions and objects of interest of neo-Nazi groups in deepweb, darkweb, Gamers and platforms and social networks such as Youtube, Telegram and Twitter. Just follow subgroups and comments on channels linked to the right and the youth universe.

(Viii) Bullying does not provoke the attacks. Anyone who thinks that is because they identify with the authors, identifying themselves socially and racially – a kind of veiled supremacism. The same does not happen with young black people in communities or with mothers who steal food; (ix) this generation is more inclined to neo-Nazism because it is the most finished product of neoliberalism. Fragmented, it is the generation without work because work was destroyed by neoliberalism. The social guarantee it had to reproduce the familiar status quo went with it. In response, this generation turns against the infamous minorities, who would be occupying the place that would traditionally be captive to them. That is, neoliberalism destroys the realization of the expectation of class and race reproduction, but fosters neo-Nazi sectarianism to preserve class fragmentation through the reaffirmation of racial superiority. That is why it is not possible to separate fascism from neoliberalism. They are Siamese.

(x) Why only public schools? Because the intruders are there. Because the chosen ones, the impoverished lower-middle-class whites are also there, being contaminated, as the murderer from Barreiras (BA) recalled. Suzano's killer only attacked blacks. We are under attack! Black workers need to learn to defend themselves and react preventively to neo-Nazi groups, in an organized and violent way.

It seems that both the institutionality and the left did not understand the phenomenon, more or less when neo-fascism rose in the Evangelical Churches from 2013 – let's not waste time with the right. In essence, it is not a school structure problem (although there is no investment and needs to be done), bullying and lack of culture of peace. It is fascism and neo-Nazism.

There is no cause and effect relationship between school structure, bullying and absence of a culture of peace. It was not mere racism, in which the poor white youth would be the victim of the infamous “structural racism”, a concept that was transformed into pixie dust in the media and groups aimed at offering an “anti-racist education”. It was neo-Nazism, with strong, evident and explicit actions by neo-Nazi groups. All school attacks in recent years are signed by neo-Nazi groups. If Umberto Eco pointed out that “eternal fascism is still all around us, sometimes in civilian clothes”, the attacks on public schools show that civilian clothes have been abandoned. The costumes are military. It is necessary to “death strike the fascist beast in its own lair”.

The attack on schools by neo-Nazis,[vii] regardless of age, it should be typified as terrorism. Investigations should be federalized with the formation of a group to combat neo-Nazism, including the Federal Police and the Federal Public Ministry. Leaving it to the state police, without understanding the concatenation of all the attacks, is contributing to the profusion of neo-Nazism and naturalizing coordinated and planned attacks on schools.

As for young people targeted by attacks, it is prudent to train them to act preventively, in a violent and organized manner. There will have to be preventive action and a fair reaction by popular movements, especially black people and women (the vast majority of victims are black and poor women). It will not be possible to outsource everything to the government. It has its share, but without a consciously violent popular movement, as Fanon indicates in Os Damned of the Earth, the day will come when we will naturalize neo-Nazi groups as we did with Bolsonarism. Other than that, it's just confetti.

Thus, the defense of anti-racist courses for neo-Nazis (sic!) is inadmissible because they would be victims of hate speech. The question is: materially, why does the neo-Nazi discourse adhere to these young whites belonging to a kind of impoverished middle class? The answer is uncomfortable for anyone who believes that Brazilian problems can be resolved through dialogue. To ask abstractly what happened to these young neo-Nazis and to link them to mere victims of “hate speech” is to invert who the victim is. The pattern is attacks on public schools to kill blacks, wheelchair users, women and the poor. Killing female teachers is another constant of all attacks. Here's the rub.

*Leonardo Sacramento is a pedagogue at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of São Paulo. Book author The mercantile university: a study on the public university and private capital (Appris).


[I] Following the murder, the terrorist published a letter to his family members, with an evident victimizing objective. Available in There are no known cases of murders in which the murderer psychologizes himself immediately afterwards, except for criminal intentions, which demonstrates a plan that even encompassed a justification for society with a ready-made discourse, notably for social groups in which this psychologizing discourse has strong appeal.

[ii] List of victims available at

[iii] Available in Also available at

[iv] Available in

[v] Available in

[vi] For an analysis of the link between the attack on the day care center and neo-Nazism, see

[vii] Thank you for reading, criticizing and proposing the inclusion of photos to Prof. Jefferson Nascimento (IFSP).

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