Elio Gaspari

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Open letter from professors at the University of Campinas

Elio Gaspari, in his column of 03/10/21, published among other newspapers by Folha de S. Paul, deals with Unicamp's annulment of the title of Doctor Honoris Causa, granted in 1973 to Colonel Jarbas Passarinho, suggesting that it was an opportunistic and cowardly attitude, since the recipient had already died.

Had the journalist properly followed the precepts of his profession, he would have not only found complete answers to his doubts, but also been aware that the decision now taken by the University Council of Unicamp has its roots in August 2014. In that year, the colonel was still alive , continued to defend the AI-5 and that same annulment was analyzed by the Unicamp Council, receiving a large majority of favorable votes. However, for procedural reasons, he obtained one vote less than the minimum quorum required.

Regarding the list of “doctors who granted it”, the 1973 minutes of the Board of Directors session (a much shorter version of the University Board and mostly indicated by the Rector at the time, Zeferino Vaz) that awarded the title to the colonel, with all the names of the members, was part of the extensive documentation that supported the reanalysis of the title revocation request, which was widely and publicly available. If the journalist had a genuine interest in adequately raising these facts, it would be enough to look at: https://www.sg.unicamp.br/download/consu/sessoes/2021/173/documento/422/itens/8d6908bfca0629fc06ebcd89a2894351

A “half-giraffe” thing, paraphrasing the jocular journalist, is using a fact in an unprofessional and unethical way, giving an undue “moral lesson”, without having at least researched the subject, or heard any of the members of the commission “Unicamp for the Democracy” (https://www.adunicamp.org.br/gt-titulo-hc/), or the University Council.

This commission worked tirelessly to collect all the documentation analyzed by the Unicamp Council and which now led to a historic and unquestionable unanimous decision by its members to revoke the title, thus correcting a huge mistake made almost 48 years ago.


Alvaro Penteado Crósta – RG 6112483-7 – Full Professor – IG – former Vice-Rector of Unicamp

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Águeda Bittencourt – RG 10862142 – Collaborating Professor – FE, Unicamp

Ana Lúcia Goulart de Faria – RG 4947369-4 – Professor – FE, Unicamp

Ângela Fátima Soligo – RG 7852720 – Collaborating Professor – FE, Unicamp

Aparecida Neri de Souza – RG 5420049-0 – Professor – FE, Unicamp

Bela Feldman-Bianco – Professor – IFCH, Unicamp

Caio Navarro de Toledo – RG 25815568 – Retired Professor – IFCH, former CVM member “Octavio Ianni” from Unicamp

Dermeval Saviani – RG 3.410.818-X – Full Professor – FE, Unicamp

Dirce Zan – Professor and former director of Fac. Education, Unicamp

Evelina Dagnino – RG 7.657.847-1 – Collaborating Full Professor – IFCH, Unicamp

Flávio Ribeiro de Oliveira – RG 14828047 – Professor – IEL, Unicamp

Francisco Foot Hardman – Full Professor – IEL, Unicamp

Eleonora Cavalcante Albano – RG 178429399 – Full Professor IEL, UNICAMP

Fábio Antônio de Campos, RG 26.669.253-9 – Professor – IE, Unicamp

Fabio Mascaro Querido – RG 41059888-4 – Professor – IFCH, Unicamp

Henrique Sá Earp – Professor – IMECC, Unicamp

Hermano Ferreira Tavares – Retired professor at FEEC, Unicamp and former rector of Unicamp (1998-2002).

Itala Loffredo D'Ottaviano – Collaborating Full Professor – IFCH and CLE, Unicamp

Itamar Ferreira – RG 6.352.125 – Collaborating Professor – FEM, Unicamp

Ivan Toro – RG 44162467 – Pro-Rector of Graduation, FCM, Unicamp

Jesus Ranieri, ID 173880319 – Professor – IFCH, Unicamp

João Carlos Quartim de Moraes – RG 2385800 – Professor and former Director IFCH, Unicamp

João Ernesto de Carvalho – RG 4.335.875 – Full Professor – FCF, Unicamp

João Frederico de Azevedo Meyer – Professor – IMECC, Unicamp

Jorge Coli – RG 4129502 – Professor and former Director of the IFCH, Unicamp

José Claudinei Lombardi – RG 5.620.356-1. Collaborating Professor – FE, Unicamp

José Ellis Ripper – Retired Professor – IFGW, Unicamp

José Maurício PA Arruti – RG 070515572 Professor – IFCH, Unicamp

José Roberto Zan – RG 5191153-X Retired Professor – IA, Unicamp

José Tadeu Jorge – Retired Professor Feagri, Unicamp and former Dean of Unicamp (2005-2008 and 2013-2017)

Josianne Francia Cerasoli – RG 19264404-X – Professor, IFCH and Human Rights Observatory, Unicamp

Luiz Carlos Dias – RG 1.502.516 – Full Professor – IQ, Unicamp

Luiz Marques – RG 5245762X -Collaborating Professor, IFCH, Unicamp

Luzia Margareth Rago – RG 3.732.2941 – Full Professor – IFCH, Unicamp

Marcelo Knobel – Full Professor – IFGW, Unicamp – former Dean of Unicamp

Marcia de Paula Leite – RG: 3959575-4 – Professor – FE, Unicamp

Márcio Seligmann-Silva Rg 9099573 Full Professor – IEL, Unicamp

Maria Silvia Gatti – RG 6814999 – Retired Professor at IB, Unicamp and President of Adunicamp

Maria Stella Martins Bresciani – RG 3.9685378 – Collaborating Full Professor – IFCH, UNICAMP

Mario Antonio Gneri- RG 34289185-6. Retired Professor – IMECC, Unicamp

Mário Augusto Medeiros da Silva – RG: 28.468.021-7 – Professor – IFCH, Unicamp

Max Henrique Machado Costa RG 9598645 – Full Professor – FEEC, Unicamp

Miriam Gonçalves Miguel – RG: 19.357.073-7 – FEC, Unicamp

Neri de Souza – RG 54200490 – Professor – FE, Unicamp

Omar Ribeiro Thomaz – RG 17012287-6 – Professor – IFCH, Unicamp

Oswaldo Giacoia Jr. – Full Professor – IFCH, Unicamp

Plínio de Arruda Sampaio Jr. – RG 36220267 – Professor – IE, Unicamp

Ricardo Coltro Antunes – Professor, IFCH, Unicamp

Rui Luis Rodrigues – RG 15713250-X- Professor at IFCH, UNICAMP

Sávio Machado Cavalcante – RG 32095609 – Professor – IFCH, Unicamp

Selma Venco – RG 6.818.519-4 – Professor – FE, Unicamp

Sueli Kofes – RG 7704616-X – Collaborating Full Professor – IFCH, Unicamp

Suzi Frankl Sperber – RG 2280047-5 – Collaborating Professor – IA, Unicamp

Wagner de Melo Romão – RG 63057223 – IFCH, Unicamp

Walter Carnielli – Professor – CLE, Unicamp




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