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Sir David Wilkie, Three Studies for Photography, date unknown.


President Lula's government causes many people to tantrum when it focuses on the critical points of fascism: organized crime and corruption

The near future of Brazilian political life is cloudy. Fascists do what they have always done. They seek to satisfy their needs and wants. Along the way, they blackmail the federal government and threaten progressive leaders. So nothing new.

The federal government's agenda is quite diverse. It ranges from resistance to attempts to wear down ministers and the president of Petrobras to the maintenance, since the beginning of his term, of Minister Múcio Monteiro in Defense (or would it be on the defensive?). As far as we know, no black woman has managed to become an officer in the Armed Forces – and that doesn't even have to start with the Navy.

The Lula government is beaten, inside and outside the country, for restoring our proud and active foreign policy, and also for defending peace, multilateralism and measures against hunger.

At the same time, it inaugurates works, signs international trade agreements and receives billion-dollar investment intentions beneficial to Brazil. Work to reverse the anti-vaccine denialist legacy. Acts against an unprecedented dengue epidemic. It seeks the repatriation of researchers for the rebirth of science and technology after a period of darkness.

Furthermore, the federal government is leading assistance for the reconstruction of Rio Grande do Sul. It gives a new start to the recovery of our shipping industry. It honors culture. It places black people, women, LGBTQs, environmentalists and representatives of native peoples in leadership positions.

President Lula's government causes many people to tantrum when it focuses on the critical points of fascism: organized crime and corruption. Nor can it be said that both are the remains of previous folk rulers. Very powerful fascists are very much alive among us.

Intellectuals have already denounced that fascism, criminal organizations and corruption are interconnected. Fascism takes root in the State through power, fosters corruption and spreads throughout society through crime. This allows him to oppress opponents and eliminate undesirables, whether through imposing the law of silence (omerta), imprisonment, torture or extermination. In fascism, it becomes almost impossible to define the line where common crimes end and state terrorism begins. Look for the origin of the money that finances fascist actions and have great revelations.

In Brazil, it is no different. Just follow the Federal Police investigations, with or without cooperation from the Federal Public Ministry and the Public Labor Ministry. They expose illegal mining, land grabbing, militias, slave labor; assassinations of politicians, indigenous leaders and landless people; neo-Nazi cells, actions of hackers, production of fake news, suspicious million-dollar contracts with public administration entities. I could write a criminal encyclopedia.

On the other side of Praça dos Três Poderes, the STF, which was already attacked by the extremists “300 of Brazil” in 2020, and by other coup plotters in 2023, also resists fascism.

Not all right-wing extremist coups are state-sponsored. By pulling the strings of a typical middle-class Brazilian fascist, he can be caught stealing money from his own condominium's cash register, harassing neighbors, evading taxes or defaulting. He does many of these tricks in line with lower clergy politicians who give him a pass.

On the streets of the country, popular anti-fascist resistance has been discreet. Anonymous and isolated anti-fascist citizens know that they are at risk of being fired from their jobs, reputation assassination or other forms of violence. But there are also brave organized activists. They often suffer legal persecution, offenses or death threats. However, they do not back down.

Right-wing public demonstrations were emptied. Not even Elon Musk was able to mobilize the extremists of the frustrated middle class. They no longer bang pots on apartment balconies. After the arrests of small troublemakers on January 08, 2023 – the big ones are still at large –, they put the pans in the cupboard. Aloof, they limit themselves to remedying their loneliness by chatting with the condominium doorman or whining in WhatsApp groups. Better to suffer the loneliness of a fascist than to end up in solitary confinement.

With this complex scenario and at this moment, what can we predict for when all these groups leave home and go to vote, in October?

There is a still unanswerable question.

*Aracy PS Balbani She is an otorhinolaryngologist. She works as a specialist in the SUS assistance area.

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