between hand and bullet

Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975), Pelagos, 1946, Elm and oak strings, 430 x 460 x 385mm


a pacifist poem


bullet and hand
pack and handle
attract and reject
or sane...
bodies all carriers
of beings
For the good or for the bad
………………human calls
bullet and hand
bring good flavors
and terrible horrors



take a bullet and hand out of the dictionary
requires excellent learning
among the main sciences
who else shows up...
is the policy
above all, body to body
………………push away, sweep away
………………attracts, snuggles
why bullet and hand
out of the dictionary
both multiply victims and dead and wounded
how much they breed allies and loved ones and dear ones



what word
hurts more than a bullet
what word
sweeter than candy
what word
hurts more than a hand
what word
caresses more than a hand



the bullet that penetrates
leaves a hollow, bitter trail
filled with blood
of the body itself
human being in brown sauce

the hand that screams
leaves a hurricane trail
that makes the body stagger
lost in search of a north
human being in storm



a bullet that runs down the throat
leave a sweet path
that fills in memories
made in a thousand alfenins childhoods

entrails of human being in delight

the hand that finds a face
and draws a gesture, a touch, a tenderness
makes its own eternal serene path
made of precious stones petals perfume

strange human being kindly people



the words are ready
avid fit winged
and divide
between bullet and hand
between hand and bullet

word bullet word
bullet word bullet
hand word hand
word hand word



fingers and triggers
understand and disagree
for lack of words
and/or maybe with them

and what winged words
they hit faces so much
how much they caress faces

like fingertips daggers
like feathery fingertips



don't just memorize the dictionary

it is better to draw pleasant gestures
and sprinkle mead in your mouth
and flow and warm moments through the body
and prepare an intense hug
and feel the taste of the warm candid eager kiss

and pack and handle
chagally klimtement
boats bodies sails winds trees
wings blows waves flights
wordily wrapped in dictionaries
carefully in words magnets
and then
live together

colorful lovers
fraternal friends
fire water Earth Air

human minds
of ground and wind and sea



and to build
on any horizon
somewhere anywhere
………………of beings
………………………………human sayings
………………………………........................... ..of the good and the best
you always have to rescue
and wish (e)tenderly
the hand that packs
the bullet that salivates

*Fernando Rios is a journalist, poet and artist.


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