Interview with Vladimir Safatle


In our conversation with Vladimir Safari, inspired by his new book Alphabet of collisions, we deal with the challenges and crises of the contemporary world and the tasks of a practical philosophy that matches it. We analyze the advance of the extreme right in Argentina and its possible meanings for Brazil and Latin America. We then put the left into question, reflecting on what universalist or identity struggles would be, on the role of dialectics in critical thinking on the periphery of capitalism and, finally, on how aesthetic experience can provide us with models or supports for struggles for social transformation.

Vladimir Safari He is a full professor in the Department of Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences at the University of São Paulo, a university at which he also teaches as a professor of psychology. He is the author of several books, such as The Passion of the Negative: Lacan and dialectics, Cynicism and Critical Failure, The left that is not afraid to say its name, The Circuit of Affects: political bodies, helplessness and the end of the individual, just one more effort, Giving body to the impossible: the meaning of dialectics from Theodor Adorno, At one with the momentum, and many others. Recently, published by UBU, he launched the book Alphabet of collisions: practical philosophy in chronic mode.

Published books by Vladimir Safatle

Alphabet of collisions: Practical philosophy in chronic mode –

The circuit of affections: Political bodies, helplessness and the end of the individual –

Embodying the impossible: The meaning of dialectics from Theodor Adorno –

Ways of transforming worlds: Lacan, politics and emancipation –

Cynicism and Failure of Criticism –

Grand abyss hotel: Toward a reconstruction of recognition theory –

Just one more effort: How did we get here or how the country of “pacts”, “conciliations”, “broad fronts” produced its own collapse –

Introduction to Jacques Lacan –

The passion of the negative: Lacan and dialectics –

The Left that Is Not Afraid to Say Its Name –

Neoliberalism as management of psychological suffering –

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