The Earth is Round interviews Marilena Chauí


In the first part of our conversation with Marilena Chauí, we talked about her understanding of Brazil as an authoritarian society, which led us to the themes of green-yellowism and the national myth. We deal with neoliberalism and its totalitarian aspect, elaborating its relationship with Bolsonarism. Ideology, another important theme in Marilena Chauí's work, was also discussed, especially in the form of the “ideology of competence”, which directed us to questions related to science, denialism and counter-discourse as responses to ideology. 

Finally, we reflect on the challenges of democracy today and the importance of utopia in the struggles for rights and citizenship. 

Marilena Chauí is professor emeritus at the Department of Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences (FFLCH/USP). In her career, she dedicated her studies to the History of Modern Philosophy and Political Philosophy, producing important works on the philosophies of Spinoza and Merleau-Ponty, as well as issues of democracy and the critique of ideology. Author of several books, such as “What is Ideology”, with more than 100 thousand copies sold; “The Nervura of the Real: Immanence and freedom in Spinoza”, which was awarded the Sérgio Buarque de Holanda prize from the National Library; “Culture and Democracy”, winner of the APCA (São Paulo Association of Art Critics) award; and “Invitation to Philosophy” which won him a Jabuti award. In addition to her intellectual career, Marilena was also the founder of the Workers' Party and Secretary of Culture at São Paulo City Hall during the administration of Luiza Erundina


What is ideology 

invitation to philosophy 

about the violence 

conformism and resistance 

The vein of the real 

Culture and democracy 

In defense of public, free and democratic education 

The rib of the real II 

against voluntary servitude

Ideological manifestations of Brazilian authoritarianism 

The ideology of competence 

Thought experiment: Essays on the workmerleau-ponty's 

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